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This is the recap page for the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Drake & Josh.

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    Season 1 
  1. "Pilot": Two very different high-schoolers, Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, are about to become stepbrothers after their parents announce they're getting married. Drake walks in on Josh wearing a dress, revealing to him his alter ego of school columnist "Miss Nancy", and uses this fact to score a date, which ends with Josh being roped into a fight with the school bully.
  2. "Dune Buggy": After Drake and Josh fix up an old dune buggy, their parents forbid them from driving in it. But when Drake secretly takes it out for a spin and injures himself, he tries to keep his injuries a secret to stay out of trouble.
  3. "Believe Me, Brother": Drake's new girlfriend is hitting on Josh, but Drake thinks Josh was flirting with her despite his claims of the opposite.
  4. "Two Idiots and a Baby": The boys are made to babysit the baby son of Walter's boss, but Josh is put in a panic when the baby mysteriously disappears and Drake walks out on him to play a gig.
  5. "First Crush": Josh gets his first crush and lies to her about being able to play the guitar, resulting in her asking him to play at her birthday party at the coffee shop. He tries to get Drake to play backstage to create the illusion of him playing, but not only is the coffee shop run by Josh's former karate teacher, but it's the same one Drake just got banned from.
  6. "Grammy": While Audrey and Walter are out, Josh's grandmother babysits the boys, an idea Drake hates since they hate each other. But after Drake gets in trouble when he goes to a concert with fake tickets, Grammy challenges him to a basketball game to see if Drake will get off the hook.

    Season 2 
  1. "The Bet": Drake and Josh make a bet that the former can lay off junk food while the latter gives up playing video games, with the loser having Megan dye his hair pink.
  2. "Guitar": Josh freaks out when he accidentally breaks Drake's new signed guitar and tries to replace it.
  3. "Movie Job": When Josh gets a job at the local movie theater, Drake gets a job there as well, where Josh gets jealous after boss Helen admires Drake's work more than his.
  4. "Football": Josh becomes the equipment manager for the school's football team, but when the quarterback gets sick after Megan puts flower dirt in Josh's brownies and can't play, Josh is forced to take his place. Fearful of getting mauled by the team, Drake comes up with a plan to substitute him with the school's janitor, who may or may not be a former professional football player with amnesia.
  5. "Pool Shark": Drake takes advantage of Josh's billiard-playing ability by hustling kids out of their money.
  6. "Smart Girl": Drake joins the school's academic team to impress an intelligent girl, and he gets Josh to help him by having him give advice via a walkie-talkie.
  7. "Little Diva": When the Premiere theater is chosen to host the premiere of a new movie, Drake and Josh are made the assistants of the film's spoiled child actress. But when she gets knocked unconscious, the boys have to puppeteer her to make her appear conscious at the premiere.
  8. "Blues Brothers": After Drake's rival and his band steal his song (the show's theme song) at the school talent show, he has to come up with a new act and fast. Meanwhile, Josh gets stage fright while doing the weather with Walter.
  9. "Driver's License": The guys try for their licenses, with Josh passing and Drake failing. However, he makes Josh his chauffeur when Josh ignores his brother's warning about a red light and gets a ticket.
  10. "Number One Fan": A member of Josh's scout troop has an obsessive crush on Drake.
  11. "Mean Teacher": Drake wants to break-up with his annoying girlfriend, but she is the daughter of his teacher, who has threatened him with summer school if he does.
  12. "The Gary Grill": Drake and Josh unwittingly become pawns in a plot to sell stolen Gary Coleman grills.
  13. "Drew & Jerry": Drake gets jealous of Josh's new friend Drew, so he gets a new friend of his own named Jerry.
  14. "Honor Council": Drake is sent to student court after he's accused of placing his teacher's car in the classroom.

    Season 3 
  1. "The Drake & Josh Inn": While their parents are away for the weekend, and Drake wastes the money they gave him for food, the boys turn the house into a bed-and-breakfast to earn some cash.
  2. "Peruvian Puff Pepper": Drake and Josh compete in a salsa-making contest to win a plasma screen TV, and Megan supplies Josh with a special secret ingredient.
  3. "We're Married?": Josh's longtime pen-pal, Yooka, visits San Diego from Yudonia, and in a ceremony to make her feel more at home in the U.S., she and Drake get married.
  4. "Mindy's Back": After Mindy is released from a mental institution (following the events of "Honor Council") and beats Josh at the science fair, she asks Josh to be her partner for her next science project and begin to romance, but Josh is afraid to tell Drake about it.
  5. "The Affair": The boys see Walter acting suspicious and mistakenly believe that he's having an affair.
  6. "Playing the Field": Fearing commitment to a relationship, Drake breaks up with his new girlfriend Tori, but he soon feels he may have made a terrible mistake, so he dates another girl to make Tori jealous. Meanwhile, Josh grows a mustache that nobody approves of.
  7. "Helen's Surgery": Drake and Josh have to tend to Helen when her laser eye surgery leaves her temporarily blinded, but when Drake sees her cool apartment, he throws a party there without Josh's knowledge.
  8. "Paging Dr. Drake": Josh is sent to the hospital after he breaks his toe trying to lift weights, and Drake's attempt to hit on the hot nurses ends up with him impersonating a doctor tasked to perform surgery.
  9. "Foam Finger": Drake and Josh recount an argument over a foam finger from when they were six years old, with each of the brothers having different accounts of the incident at a San Diego Pardes game before the salesman from that day comes and tells what really happened.
  10. "Girl Power": Drake's new girlfriend might be tougher than him and he challenges her to a fight to prove himself stronger. Meanwhile, Josh tries to impress Mindy's parents so he can continue dating her.
  11. "Sheep Thrills": The boys try to hide Megan's newly-adopted pet sheep from their parents, especially when it gives birth to a lamb.
  12. "Megan's New Teacher": Josh becomes a student teacher to Megan's class, but when her classmates turn on her after Josh assigns them college-level assignments and pop quizzes, Megan and Drake have to team up to get him fired.
  13. "Little Sibling": To avoid being sent to a Remedial English class, Drake is assigned to mentor a boy named Sammy, who prefers Josh over him.
  14. "Theater Thug": Josh portrays a wanted criminal on a crime-reenactment TV show and is soon constantly mistaken for the real guy.
  15. "The Demonator": Drake and Josh put Eric and Craig in charge of Josh's senile great-grandfather while they have a long adventure waiting in line for a new rollercoaster.
  16. "Alien Invasion": The boys decide to give Megan a taste of her own medicine and prank her my tricking her into thinking that aliens are invading the Earth.
  17. "Dr. Phyllis Show": In this Clip Show, Drake and Josh appear on a talk show and relive some of their most outlandish moments.

    Season 4 
  1. "Josh Runs Into Oprah": Drake gets Josh tickets to The Oprah Winfrey Show for his birthday and accidentally causes him to run her over in the studio parking lot.
  2. "Vicious Tiberious": Drake is tasked with watching his teacher's house while she's on vacation, but her vicious Rottweiler keeps him and Josh hiding the bathroom for most of the night.
  3. "The Wedding": Drake and Josh are tasked with bringing a wedding cake to their great-aunt's wedding (so they can get her beach house), but their car breaks down on the way and spend the night on the side of the road trying to get help (since Drake accidentally gave Josh's cellphone and laptop to Craig and Eric).
  4. "Mindy Loves Josh": Mindy wants to enter a relationship with Josh, but Drake thinks she's trying to distract him so she can win the science fair. Meanwhile, Megan tricks Drake into thinking he has a rare disease after he eats her cookie.
  5. "Who's Got Game?": Drake and Josh make a bet over who can score more dates.
  6. "The Great Doheney": The boys befriend a washed-up magician and try to stage a comeback performance for him.
  7. "I Love Sushi": When the boys fall for a room-remodeling scam that leaves their living room robbed, they have to get jobs packing sushi to get money for new furniture.
  8. "The Storm": Drake and Josh are stranded in their house with all their friends, including Drake's ex-girlfriends, while Craig has to crank a TV so Crazy Steve can watch Dora the Explorer and Walter is forced to report outside in the storm.
  9. "My Dinner with Bobo": Drake buys a baby orangutan with the money he and Josh earned for a car, so they sell Bobo to a scientist who plans on making stew out of him.
  10. "Tree House": After Drake and Josh accidentally burn down their neighbor's treehouse, they decide to build a new one, but they get trapped inside after Drake forgets to put in a door.
  11. "Josh Is Done": After Drake humiliates Josh one time too many, he decides to stop dealing with him and while his life improves, Drake's gets worse.
  12. "Eric Punches Drake": Eric accidentally punches Drake while imitating a kung-fu move, which makes him one of the popular kids.
  13. "Megan's Revenge": Drake and Josh fear extreme retaliation from Megan when it appears they've killed her pet hamster.
  14. "Steered Straight": After the boys are caught sneaking into a club with fake identification, they're sent to a police program to be taught a lesson in crime and come face to face with a real criminal.
  15. "Megan's First Kiss": The boys discover that Megan is dating a boy who they find out is seeing somebody else.
  16. "Battle of Panthatar": Drake and Josh try to sneak into a popular boy's huge 16th birthday party after they get banned when Drake hits on his girlfriend.
  17. "Really Big Shrimp": In the two-part episode, Drake and Josh's relationship is put into jeopardy when Josh accidentally signs away the creative rights to Drake's newest song.
  18. "Helicopter": Drake and Josh secretly go on a skydiving trip they won against their parents wishes, but get into deep trouble when their pilot is knocked out.
  19. "Dance Contest": Drake and Josh enter a dance contest, Josh to get extra credit and Drake to avoid getting held back for failing gym.

    TV Movies 
  1. "Drake and Josh Go Hollywood": After the boys accidentally send Megan on the wrong flight, heading for Los Angeles instead of Denver, the boys go to L.A. to get her back and end up getting caught up in a giant heist plot. Meanwhile, Megan enjoys the high life during her stay in L.A., and Josh books Drake to appear on MTV's TRL.
  2. "Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh": After the boys are arrested after a Christmas party gone awry, the judge (Henry Winkler) gives them the ultimatum of giving an orphan girl they befriended the best Christmas ever, or spend life in prison. While Drake and Josh try to make little Mary-Alice's Christmas happy with their usual brand of hijinks, they're constantly being harassed by a holiday-hating cop bent on sending them to the slammer.

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