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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • "If I may, I'd just like to say... BUSTED!!"
    Susan: Drake, did you hear what he just said to me?!
    Drake: Yeah! I think he said... BUSTED!"
  • Josh making his father wrestle Drake after learning of his injuries from the dune buggy accident.
    Josh: 1... 2... 3, ATTACK DRAKE!
  • Josh getting his well-deserved revenge on Drake for causing him to get a traffic ticket.
    Josh: No, officer... you'll have to give me two tickets. One for the broken taillight... and one... for THIS!!! (tackles Drake inside the car, repeatedly smacking the horn and setting off the windshield wipers in the process)
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  • Drake allowing Megan to see "Monsters in the Drain" movie, knowing she'll be scared of the drain.
    Josh: Yeah, good call in letting her see that movie.
  • Everyone singing "We Will Rock You" (or Let's Get This Party Started) at the end of the episode "The Storm".
  • Megan proving Drake innocent in "Honor Council".
  • The "Soul Man" routine in the talent show from The Blues Brothers episode. Now, the routine itself is pretty awesome & definitely qualifies, but add on to this that in the show, Josh had suffered crippling stage fright until this point (due to freezing up when he was on the weather with his dad, thanks to Megan reminding him of a prior incident), whilst Drake only came up with the idea to do the routine minutes beforehand after an acappella group stole the song his band were going to perform (a song Drake wrote no less).
    • Also Heartwarming as its a Callback to Drake trying to cheer Josh up by watching the Blues Brothers with him. The fact they both enjoy the show along with just how much fun they're having fun up there.
  • Megan gets one in "Megan's New Teacher" when she and Drake sneak into the school late at night and sabotage Josh's evaluation.
  • Megan rescuing Drake and Josh in "Drake and Josh Go Hollywood." Everything that happens between Megan calling the police and when the police finally get there is basically one huge scene of awesome. Made funnier by the fact that Drake and Josh had followed Megan there because they thought she needed their help to get on the correct flight to Denver after they put her on the wrong flight.
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  • In "The Great Doheny", Doheny pulls an insane magic trick that gets the townspeople to think he was killed by being impaled with swords...and then he reveals to Drake and Josh that he had to see them terrified for it to work properly.
  • Really Big Shrimp: The boys think they are about to be sued for $5 million and sent to prison after Josh switches the crappy remix of Drake's song with the original, but Nick Mateo of Spin City Records tells them that they aren't because the song was such a huge hit that it crashed the server. Followed by this exchange:
    Alan Krim: Okay. So these guys just totally scammed us and you're going to reward them for it?
    Nick Mateo: They had to scam us. Because you tried to ruin a very good song. Which is why you're fired.
    Alan Krim: What?! You can't fire me! Our wives play golf together!
    Nick Mateo: Your wife cheats, get out!
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  • At the beginning of Little Sibling, a guilty feeling Josh tells Drake that he can't lie, after Mrs. Hayfer asks him if Drake was on time. Then, at the very end of the episode when Drake gets put in his horrifying Remedial English class by her, Josh arrives there and tells the teacher that the principal needs to see Drake about something. The teacher dismisses him, and as they're leaving, Drake questions Josh about why the principal needs to see him. Josh's response? "He doesn't." The episode ends as they both escape the class.
  • In Girl Power, Helen, armed with a baseball bat, confronts a group of large football players who had just tormented Drake and Josh, and sends them running.
    Helen: I beg to differ! Now you and your little hoodlum friends get out of my movie theater before I pop you like a zit! Move it!
    • In the same episode, we have Josh defending Mindy and going off on Drake. Josh gets very few epic speeches in the show, but this...this is definitely one of them. Special mention goes to Josh Peck, whose delivery of the speech was pretty damn top notch for a sitcom actor on a kid's television network.
  • Meta example: thanks to Josh Peck's popularity as a Viner, he made a 4 million follower milestone Vine that finally reunited him and Drake Bell, and had them reenacting the famous "I ain't calling you a truther" exchange.
  • Drake and Josh's dance performance. Megan and Audrey's reactions say it all.
  • Drake is usually The Ditz, but he manages to get the last laugh and outsmart Megan in The Bet. Megan was counting on everyone losing the bet in the end and having to dye their hair pink. While everyone else is forced to keep their word, Drake simply puts on a wig and once he is alone, takes it off. He doesn't have to suffer the humiliation the others are going to suffer thanks to Megan. That's right, Drake managed to outsmart Megan!


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