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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 1 E 15 A Calvin And Hobbes Christmas

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Calvin and Hobbes travel to the North Pole to prove to Santa that's he good. However, he ends up doing more than he expected...

After failing to resist temptation (yet again), Calvin attempts to rectify his errors by visiting the North Pole and confronting Santa personally.When he arrives, he discovers that his naughty record is so massive it has its own room, much to his horror.

The two then go explore Santa's workshop, where Calvin is mistaken for an elf. The duo then find themselves on a conveyer belt leading to Santa's sleigh! Seeing the reindeer, Calvin then gets an idea...


Two elves, noticing the predicament, climb on Santa's sleigh. Calvin is then forced to take over as Santa for the night, managing to use the Time Pauser... until it runs out of batteries. He manages to get every neighborhood but his own, making for some sad irony - through his selfless act, he ended up giving to everywhere but himself.

Moping, he returns home, looking under his tree to find nothing... until Santa himself comes down! He tells Calvin that he's a naughty and good child (and he's not the only one), having good intentions. He then sends them to bed, while he does his work.

When they awake, Calvin is overjoyed to find a veritable mountain of presents before him! With peace restored to the world at last, he and Hobbes share a hug.




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