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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 1 E 16 Attack Of The Vampire Babysitter

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After a particularly disastrous sleigh ride, Calvin freaks out upon learning that Rosalyn is coming. He calms down upon finding out he's coming... then freaks out even more upon learning the situation's reversed - he has to stay with Rosalyn!

His hiding from her and picky eating lead her to lock him in the garage (it isn't even noon!), where Calvin devises a plan - shutting off Rosalyn's TV, causing a power outage, and finally flooding her purse.


The duo escape her wrath by riding their wagon once more, and Rosalyn ends up hanging on for dear life on it! The wagon tears through the streets, a JC Penny, and finally Rosalyn's own home. Unsurprisingly, she ain't happy.

Calvin's parents literally lock him in his room, and Calvin finds the moral of the story - the fact that he's still alive.



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