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"Remember we're on a Disney-owned channel..."

  • Pretty much the whole point of "If You Know What I Mean." Ironically, the crap that doesn't get past the radar has drawn some of the biggest laughs. note 
    • Though that one refers to Brad saying "two-hundred pound snatch", which actually made it to air the first time and was bleeped out on all subsequent airings. The reason it made it to air is because a "snatch" is a legitimate name for a weightlifting exercise, which Brad helpfully mimes right after he says it.
  • From "Scenes from a Hat," the recurring "Things you can say about X but not your girlfriend" suggestion, and some one-time ideas like "Things that sound dirty, but aren't," which the players went to town with.
    • "Things you can say about the food you eat, but not your girlfriend."
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    • One that has surprisingly never been censored initially has "Things you can say to your dog but not your girlfriend" and Colin stands forward, positions himself as though talking to a dog and says "Come!"
      • And he doesn't just SAY it, he makes the "C'mere" gesture with his hand.
  • Changed Letter would also be perverted into this at times. "Wayne's got a fig old futt!"
    "Nice genis."
    "You weren't out shooting any... male deer?"
  • During a playing of Film, TV & Theater Styles, the next style was "horror." Ryan looked at Kathy and said, "You mean you two aren't married? You whore," playing up the fact that "whore" and "horror" sound so much alike if you don't enunciate. Amazingly, "whore" was left uncensored.
    • Perhaps because of this, a later playing of "Greatest Hits" had Drew heavily enunciate "Songs of Horror," which Ryan and Colin exaggerated to the point of absurdity.
    Colin: Are you saying that every song on this compilation has to do with hor-ror??
  • On at least one occasion, Drew was able to flip off Ryan, using his blazer as a cover.
  • Possibly the most blatant case ever was during one session of "Hollywood Director" where the first suggestion was "do it like you're college girls going wild at Mardi Gras." The end result was certainly Brain Bleach-worthy.
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  • Greg during a "Scenes From a Hat" round for "Anecdotes dogs would tell if they appeared on talk shows": "Yeah, I'm Drew Carey's dog. And, uh, you know, right around eleven o'clock he breaks out the peanut butter and I know what's comin'!" This one actually made it to air, surprisingly enough (assuming you understand to what they're referring).
  • This example, from a "Hollywood Director" where Ryan played a gas station attendant:
    Ryan: Would you like me to fill 'er up?
    Kathy Greenwood: (impatiently) I've said yes to that question fifteen times!
    Ryan: How 'bout the car?
  • In "Daytime Talk Show" with guest Jerry Springer:
    Ryan: Jerry, before we start, can I rub Drew's head?
    Jerry: Yeah, go ahead.
    (Ryan does so and sits back down)
    Jerry: (to Colin) You wanna rub the other one? (Colin turns him down)
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  • On the UK version, in one game of "Hey You Down There", Ryan and Colin pretend to fly a small plane. Ryan ends up pretending to be on fire. Colin pretends to urinate on him to extinguish it. Greg as the narrator says, "That's using your head!".
  • One game of "Helping Hands" has Drew gamely stepping in to swallow what Colin normally shoves into Ryan's mouth, which in this case was calamine lotion (a whitish fluid normally used to treat rashes). Pretty strictly external use only, so Drew spat it out immediately, leading to:
    Ryan: Every night I dream of seeing you do that!
  • In a game of "Press Conference", Colin was The Tin Man announcing he and Dorothy are having a child. At one point, Wayne asks "So I'm assuming this was post-heart?" To which Colin says "Oh, absolutely. Before, it... just couldn't happen. But once I had the heart on..."
  • The second episode with just Jeff Davis and no guest in the second revival series. From Wayne making a Running Gag out of hiding under the desk, with Aisha no less, to Wayne and Jeff's verses in the Hoedown.
  • In a game of "Living Scenery" in the CW reboot, Ryan and Colin go ice-fishing. Ryan makes Wayne lie face-down as the ice, then cuts a hole over his butt to make an "ice-hole" and refers to it as often as he can.
  • In a game of "Hollywood Director" in the CW series, Ryan and Jeff are cleaning the bells in Notre-Dame when they are attacked by Quasimodo (played by Wayne). They make sound effects for the bells, and Wayne swings in from a bell with a "Dong!" sound.
    Ryan: "Did you see the size of that dong? It was huge!"
    Jeff: "Perhaps it is true, what they say about black hunchbacks."
    • Wayne then mimes throwing his penis over his shoulder in such a way that it can also be construed as pulling a rope over his shoulder to ring a large bell, and does it again along with the "Dong!" sound effect later in the game.
  • One "Let's Make a Date" had Wayne as Frankenstein's Monster organizing a party, and he found a lady from the audience who's Hell-Bent for Leather, particularly the very close fitting pants. Then he gets her to crouch down low as part of a gag - and suddenly goes "ohh yeahh" in the middle of his Hulk Speak.
  • "Scenes from a Hat" takes on "Pickup lines in the hardware store", leading to this gem:
    Wayne: You look like a lady who could use some caulk in her life...
    Brad: My tiles are black, do you have any black caulk?
  • Colin and Ryan making the letter "h".

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