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It's not too hard to guess what Whose Line Is It Anyway? would be like if it were still on...

...going by today's trends at this time of writing:

If Obama appeared on Whose Line...
  • His appearance gets foreshadowed with say, Obama clips in Newsflash or "Songs of the President" for Greatest Hits
  • They'd start off with a Song Styles/Duets for him to start with
  • They'd simply have to have him behind the lectern in Press Conference
  • Obama might volunteer for Questions Only, Film Dub, Scene to Rap
  • Captain Hope or Captain Change for Superheroes
  • Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter; that's right, the points are like politics.

Scenes From A Hat. What HASN'T been done yet for this fantastic game?
Well, how about:

  • "Strange things to be arrested for."
  • "People who shouldn't drive public transportation."
    Iura Civium: "What do you mean, 'nobody uses the Braille on the drive-through ATM keypads'?! I do!"
  • "Bad ways to end the 'Roses Are Red' poem."
  • "Things you don't expect soldiers to carry around."
  • "Strange places to hide CCTV cameras."
    SanDemonMax: These shoes fit wonderfully! Let me take them for a test walk. (CRUNCH)
    Iura Civium: What is this and what is it doing in my block of Swiss?!
  • "Unusual White House security measures."note 
  • "What happened to the man who cancelled Whose Line the first time."
  • "The funniest phrases ever uttered by Stephen Hawking."
    Iura Civium: From the preceding derivation it is trivial to prove that the singularity is created at the intersection of two p-branes.note 
  • "Suggestions for Scenes From A Hat that didn't quite make it."
    Quanyails: *reaches into hat, pulls out paper, reads* "Suggestions for Scenes From A Hat that didn't quite make it."
    PRIVATE Corp: *reaches into hat, pulls out paper, reads* "People Drew Carey will never do in bed." *gets buzzed off big time*
  • "Things you can say about your TV, but not your girlfriend."
    God, I hate these older models, they're so hard to turn on properly!
    Premonition45: It won't let me plug in!
  • "What life would have been like if your parents were drill sergeants."
  • “Things you can say about a bag of gumballs but not your boyfriend.” note 
    Be: "Give me a gobstopper, would you, honey?"
    Reverie Planetarian: "Sure, have one, it's a quarter a pop."
    Be: "Wonder how many licks it takes to get to the middle of this?"
    Korbl: "Ugh, I hate the small ones."
  • “Songs that don’t deserve dance remixes.”
    Thevisualboy37: Now, where did I leave my copy of "Disco Handel"?
  • “Unusual places to wake up from a hangover.”
    'Iura Civium: Why am I in Low Earth Orbit?
  • "Misfortune Cookies."
    Iura Civium: Smile! Your hometown is just one undetected meteor strike away from obliteration.
  • Anything that starts with "Things you can say about your girlfriend"
  • "If we could hear the thoughts of chickens."
    LordAaronus: (gossipy housewife voice) So I was telling Gracie, yknow, when she was HNNNNGH! we saw Lula from Coop 5A walking around RRRRRRGH! and would you believe it, she was with the Latino rooster from OOOH! OOOH! GRADE A!! GRADE A!!
  • "What the Angry Birds are thinking while they're hurled from the catapult."
    Chip: (arms flailing) "I'm supposed to do what now?!"
  • Aisha: "What Drew Carey will be thinking when he watches this."
    Wayne: "Aisha doesn't do a damn thing."
  • "What the Whose Line Cast was doing when the show went off the air."
  • "Scenes from Whose Line is it Anyway The Movie!"
    Wayne: "So you said your name was 'Horward' with an R?"
  • "Things you shouldn't ask Siri."
  • "What the Pope does on his day off."
  • "Bad names for sports teams."
  • "Songs played on Hell's radio."
  • "Bad choices for wedding gifts."
  • "The worst thing that could happen when unhooking a bra."
    LordAaronus: (fidgeting with something around an invisible woman's back) *GASHUNK* (retrieves hand to find two fingers gone) AAAAHHHH!!
  • "Campfire songs you won't hear."
  • "Bad songs to sing in a maternity ward."
  • "The title of Wayne Brady's autobiography."
  • "Times when a coin flip is not a good selection method."
  • "Scenes from the Richard Simmons Shakespeare festival."
  • "The wrong thing to say when she says 'I'm Pregnant!'"
  • "Rejected names for 'Scenes From a Hat'."
  • "Rejected names for deodorants."
  • "Things you can say about an airplane, but not your girlfriend."
  • "Strange questions to use for the Family Feud surveys."
  • "If Pro Wrestling was done in the nude"
    LordAaronus: (knocks down a guy, starts setting up the People's Elbow, but instead takes his pants off and runs and lands ass first)
  • "Rejected ideas for "Weird Al" Yankovic parodies."
  • "Weird choices of people to host an award show."
    Wayne: "People of Earth! I am Lrrr! RULER OF THE PLANET OMICRON PERSEII VIII!!!!!!! Welcome to the 3017 CMA Awards!"
  • "If Winnie-the-Pooh was created by someone else." (Alternately, substitute Winnie the Pooh for some other show.)
  • "If [insert random superhero] was originally created by Frank Miller."
  • "If X spoke in Haiku." (Can't have Dr. Seuss all the time.)
  • "Worrying gifts to give to someone."
  • "Rejected ideas for Inators."
    Ryan: "Behold, Perry the Platypus: The BIEBER-GO-AWAY-INATOR!!!!!!!"
  • "Strange things to earn merit badges for."
  • "If Flame Wars were faught like real wars."
  • "If the military were unionized."
  • "People who shouldn't give relationship advice."
    Ryan: "Hi, I'm Vince McMahon and I'm here to help you get a date."
    Greg: "Hi, I'm Drew Carey...[Gets buzzed off immediately]
    Colin: Hi, I'm Steven Tyler! [Also buzzed off immediately]
    Kathy: Hi, I'm Taylor Swift...
    Wayne: Hi, I'm Kanye West...
    Drew: Hi, I'm Bill Clinton...
  • "If NPR and PBS aired live NASCAR, NHL, and NFL coverage."
  • "Things you can say about your grades / report card but not your girlfriend." note 
  • "If the weather report was legally binding."
  • "Rejected ideas for video game consoles."
  • "Strange things (other than cheeseburgers) to buy at shoe stores."
  • "The title of Taylor Swift's autobiography."
  • "The title of John Cena's autobiography."
  • "The title of Shane McMahon's autobiography."
  • "If Card Games and Tabletop Games had golf-like handicap ratings."
  • "If movie trailers were subject to Truth in Advertising requirements."
  • "If estimated delivery dates for online orders (from Amazon, NewEgg, and the like) were legally binding."

Future suggestions for Party Quirks...

The points DID matter.
And whoever had the most accumulated when the show ended secretly got $100,000 in cash from Drew Carey.
  • Wasn't there an episode where Drew skipped on the points and just threw $100 bills at the guys?
    • They had to return them.

There will be a reunion show on CBS instead of ABC.
Even though the show aired on ABC and occasionally has reruns on ABC Family, a lot of the American cast has wound up working on CBS at some point or another since then:
  • Drew Carey currently hosts The Price Is Right, also did the show Power of 10, and has also made a guest appearance on...
  • ...Wayne Brady's incarnation of Let's Make a Deal which had a strong first season and will be brought back for another, so he won't be leaving that show very soon.
  • There's also Ryan Stiles' appearances on Two and a Half Men.
  • Brad Sherwood and Jeff Davis have auditioned to take over Rich Fields' spot as the announcer for Drew's Price as well.
  • Wayne Brady has a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother as Barney's gay black brother.

Since ABC still has the rights to air the show, it might be done as a stealth reunion but most fans will pick up on all of the Whose Line stars together on camera. Perhaps the winner will be the one who comes closest to the actual retail price without going over. They'll get to play a pricing game with Drew...while the losers play their favorite game in the whole wide world...Hoedown!

"Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are like..."

Wayne will be the new target of bald jokes.

  • Finally, Colin will be able to make some bald jokes of his own.
    • Confirmed in #1.
  • Wayne intentionally became bald to ensure that Colin wouldn't be the only one getting mocked for being bald, doubling as a Heartwarming Moment.

Doug Walker will be a guest

If Drew gets on as the "fourth seat",
For some game, he may make a crack on Aisha being in his spot.

New possible games include:
  • "Rejected Soundtrack" - the love child of "Greatest Hits" and "Scenes cut from the Movies", this one just tests Colin and Ryan's movie knowlege as they make up song titles about a movie suggested by the audience.
    "...that classic tin pan alley tune, "Why Did Coulson Have To Die?""

There will be a Song Styles about Laura Hall.

All the booze in the box from one game of "Secret" was all left over from "Helping Hands".

Aisha will, at some point, let the audience use "Lana" as a suggestion for Doo Wop.
And it will be the best playing of that game EVER.

Kathy Greenwood was pretending to play dumb on the guessing games.
In the guessing games, you bow out of the scene if your quirk/character is guessed. Perhaps Kathy exploited this by pretending to not know, banking on her partners to make the scene more outrageous. After all, Ryan broke the glass that one time in Party Quirks because she couldn't quite guess that his head kept stuck to other things and he was the last one remaining.
  • I don't know about Kathy, but Greg Proops did this many times.

Future ideas for "Weird Superheroes":

The short-lived "Quick Change" game will make a comeback.
If it does, it would probably be for all four players this time; Aisha would either shout "Change!" (as it worked in the original version), have a button that plays a recording of someone else shouting "Change!" (similar to "Forward/Rewind"), or just buzz the players.