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Like Histeria! and Time Squad, Horrible Histories was a kids' edutainment show that had a reputation for Getting Crap Past the Radarnote . Unlike the other two shows, Horrible Histories was live-actionnote , from the United Kingdom, and it didn't so much as get crap past the radar as it inundated the radar with the very crap it was trying to get it past, then danced on the radar's grave after it inevitably suffocated. The UK DVD version even has the show rated PG for its dark comedy (mostly comedic takes on violence, death, and historical atrocities), gross-out humor, and sexually suggestive asides and jokes.


  • In classic British style, much of the verbal humour especially is likely to sail right over the kiddies' heads. The most audacious example is probably in the Christmas Special, wherein a sadistic, whip-wielding prison guard tells Baynton, "I think I can speak for all the lads when I say, 'You're our favourite prisoner'." Yes, they actually went there.
  • There's a song set in a monastery featuring errant monks partying with a "funky nun" while the bishop isn't looking. Her closing thoughts? "Ah, men!" A cleverly PG presentation of what were basically orgies behind monastery walls between nuns and monks.
  • Bob Hale gets off a lulu in the Pharaoh Report: "Tutankhamen's daddy became a mummy, which is a very complex operation."
  • There's also the wink and lip-bite George II gives the camera (and repeats in the the Prom special) while singing the line "I was the bad one..." Not to mention George I singing about how ladies "would do anything for me, or I'd have their husbands killed..." with a big eyebrow raise on "anything".
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  • Also from the Prom special, the inset sketch involving a royal lineup to use the public loo features this little experiment in just how much you can get away with by claiming historical accuracy:
    Charles II: Henry VIII's in there with his personal bottom-wiper. Calls him the Groom of the Stool. Very popular job in his day, apparently... [aside, to George III] Not my kind of party, but to each his own...
  • Apparently, the Cash My Sin number (a riff on the medieval Church requirement that you pay to keep out of purgatory) is 0800-I've Been Naughty. Dang.
  • The visual for this moment in the 'Burke & Hare' song is kept tastefully vague, but:
    Dr. Knox: Well it's always a palaver
    Getting hold of a cadaver
    So I said yes, I'd have her —
    [peeks under sheet] Ooh! It's a he!
  • The 'Victorian Eastenders' sketch involves a father berating his 'sixteenth daughter'. Her name? Chastity.
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  • In one sketch about the Greek myth of Cronus, they actually mention Cronus cutting off his father's "dangly bits".
  • In the online game, they actually make mention to the ancient Egyptian aristocracy's tradition of brother-sister incest.
  • Some of the Flowery Insult Shakespeare uses is this via Get Thee to a Nunnery. The better you understand Elizabethan English, the less it is Inherently Funny Words and the more it is rather dirty and un-PC words that couldn't be translated for a kids' show.


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