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Drinking Game / Horrible Histories

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The TV Series:

  • Take a drink every time a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer appears.
    • Take two if it's being held by Rattus.
    • Take three if the disclaimer appears to be repeating a line from the sketch to reaffirm it as true.
  • Take a drink every time Rattus uses the term "100% accu-rat".
  • Take a drink at the animated sketch titles that start each sketch.
    • Take two if the animated person uses their catchphrase ("Good day" for the Victorian, "In Saxon Britain" for the Saxon lady, "Everyone knows" for the Stuart).
  • Take a drink at, "HI, I'M A SHOUTY MAN!"
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  • Take a drink every time a shirtless cast member appears.
  • Drink every time Bob Hale says "And that was the end of that... But not for long!"

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