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  • In the first episode, when Luke tries to flirt with Jessie he puts his hand on her back and starts to lower it right before Jessie grabs his hand and stops him.
    • Luke actually did it in the opening sequence (at the near end of the song when the creator's name is shown before it zooms out to the logo)!
    • Also from the first episode, a naughty tentacle, complete with an "At least buy me dinner first!"
    • Also from the first episode:
    Emma: Luke! Give me back my moon!
    Luke: No way!
    Emma: I need it for my solar system!
    Luke: I'll show you moon! (prepares to pull down his pants)
    Emma: (pushes Luke onto couch and smacks him with pillow)
    • "Now go up there and kick some asteroid."
  • In "One Day Wonders", Emma tells Bertram that she'll have to euthanize him… turns out she meant "youthanize", as in "make younger-looking".
    • "My parents say the stork brought me, but seventh graders have a more interesting theory!" Jessie then replies that he should stop talking to seventh graders.
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    • We get a very good look at Jessie's cleavage at several parts of the episode. In one scene after Jessie tells Luke where the rest of the dress is, you can see that he's staring at her exposed cleavage, before he jokes that she'll dress him up as a cowboy.
    • Luke gets Jessie to wear an outfit for a music video: a really skimpy red dress and high heels. After changing she remarks that in her hometown, she'd get arrested for wearing it.
      • For what, solicitation?
  • Ravi in ep. 2: "A pain in the asshram." (Refering to the landlady who would later take away his pet lizard.)
    • "Do you have an off switch?" "Yeah. You wanna try and find it?"
    • "You don't even want to know what she did to my Build-A-Baboon. Now he'll NEVER have children!"
    • Also:
    Jessie: What did she say?
    Zuri: I'm not allowed to use that kind of language, but it was nasty.
  • "I need to have 'the talk' with him (Mr. Kipling)."
    • "But first, someone has to have 'the talk' with me."
    • Also from that episode, Mr. Kipling is wrapped around Bertram's leg. Jessie offers to remove him but Bertram says the little guy is growing on him.
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    • "They're called tools." "You guys are the tools."
    • "Darn the socks, cook the curry and let us handle our thingies."
  • "I know where you can both put it." Jessie even scolds him for that one.
  • "That's rude! You text your Mom with that phone?!"
  • In "Star Wars", Emma locks Jessie in her room, causing Jessie to hitch a ride with the window-washer. Of course the scaffold starts moving causing Jessie to fall over head-first into a Bucket filled with a liquid substance. This prompts Jessie to ask the man where he goes to the bathroom up there, causing the man to look at the bucket on Jessie's head and then look away. So yes, a bucket full of pee splashes all over Jessie.
    • When Jessie says "somebody pinch me" (or something to that effect), Luke reaches out towards her butt and says, "I'm on it." She turns around and grabs his wrist before he can do anything, though. Just in case it seemed subtle, as she stops him, Jessie specifically warns him not to pinch "it."
  • In "Gotcha Day":
    Jessie: There's no such thing as going overboard.
    Ravi: Yeah, try telling that to the people on the Titanic.
    • Luke invites Jessie to his "fortress of solitude". She declines.
  • In "The Secret Life Of Mr. Kipling" when it's revealed that Mr. Kipling is a female lizard, not only is she pregnant from a previous episode - in which she met another lizard when they crashed on a remote island on their way to vacation - Jessie actually responds in a jealous tone, "At least somebody had fun on that trip."
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  • In "The Princess and the Pea Brain" Jessie in the role of the princess does not start "rooting for the poor guy" until Tony in the role of the peasant is stripped down to his under clothes. She even questions whether or not it's his unicorn boxers that changes her view of him.
  • As Season 1 has progressed, Jessie has become increasingly more obsessed with men. In the season finale (The Secret Life Of Mr. Kipling), she has gone from girl with relationship horror stories to lamenting how she scares men away, implying that she's sexually frustrated and fondling a random delivery man's muscles.
  • These lines from the episode "Creepy Connie's Curtain Call":
    • "I'm surprised kids could use those words on a school website!"
    • "The only Tony you'll ever get is our doorman."
  • "Romancing The Crone" has several moments:
    • When Jessie is making her video diary for her friend Darla, it's mentioned that Darla is dating a man in his 60's. Is Darla only 18 or 19 like Jessie?
      • He's a rich man in his 60s. Darla's a golddigger apparently.
    • Later after Bertram's date with Mrs. Chesterfield:
      Jessie: Thank you, Bertram. Talk about taking one for the team.
      Bertram: I took more than one. That dog was all over me too.
    • The hot tub scene. Dear god, the hot tub scene.
      Mrs. Chesterfield- How about some rub a dub tubs?
  • Luke gets a few questionable lines in "The Whining":
    • "Dude, you just scared the poop out of us."
    • "Twins are awesome. Do you know what I would do if there were two Jessies?"
  • "I'd like to get a hold of that pirate's booty"
  • In "101 Lizards":
    Jessie: Feels like someone's watching me.
    Luke: Well, what do you expect when you wear a dress like that?
    Jessie: Not you!
    • The same episode also implies that lizards are biting an intimate part of Bertram.
    • It also has Bertram saying "even four kids are enough to make you want to end it all" at one point, although this may not be so much an example of getting something past the radar as it is an indication of what the radar really cares about.
  • In "Badfellas",
    Luke: I still have a lizard tooth buried in my buttcheek. Wanna see?
    Vincent: Woah, we're not that close. (pulls shirt down)
  • "Who broke into my room and touched my badger?"
  • In "Used Karma", Emma and Jessie discuss bra-stuffing. Emma is very excited to get her new issue of Leopard Beat, which is no surprise, however the bra-stuffing feature is the first thing she mentions from it.
    • "As long as he doesn't touch my end zone."
    • "All day, you've been trying to get with this."
    • "Pepper spray? Is this for victim of a salt?"
  • In "Make New Friends But Hide the Old", Emma's bust enhancers for her costume get a couple jokes.
  • "The Trouble with Tessie", when Jessie goes out to a dinner with Tony she becomes convinced that he is going to propose to her. Tony's mother approve because Jessie has "child-bearing hips."
  • In "Jessie's Big Break", Jessie throws a suitcase in McD's crotch before she says "End Scene".
    • Luke wasn't pointing the camera at Jessie and Shaylee's faces, because he was filming their breasts.
    • Luke mentioned that he filmed Jessie while she slept.
    • Not to mention this line also in this episode:
    Bertram [dressed in zebra stripes]: Why is there a zebra licking me?
  • In the Freaky Freakend episode, when Jessie and Zuri first switch bodies, Zuri (in Jessie's body) comments "Why do I feel like I'm falling forward?", then places her hand on her chest.
  • In GI Jessie, Darla's mom says Darla's a flight attendant who brings back sacks of nuts after every flight. Given how evil Jessie said Darla was that gives horrible implications.
    • Then, there's also Jessie's blender-censored cursing.
  • In "Understudied and Overdone", Zuri suggests a cowboy theme to help Bertram land his own cooking show.
    Bertram: Somebody get me a rope.
    Emma: So you can do rope tricks?
    Bertram: Yeah, sure, that's why.
  • Mrs. Chesterfield has made very mature advances towards men throughout the series to the point she gets sued for it in Between The Swoon And New York City
  • Jessie told Brooks that Luke uses her laptop when she learns a relative of Brooks who works for the CIA told Brooks of her browser history. Brooks points out Luke is obsessed with Kate Upton and snowboards. While snowboarding sounds innocent on the surface, Kate Upton becomes more radar-y considering this episode came out only a few weeks after Kate Upton and other celebrities had inappropriate pictures of them leaked on the internet.
  • The suicide joke in Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey.
    Shaylee: Jessie, there you are, please can we talk?
    Jessie: I can't, I need to get to the mouth of that erupting volcano.
    Shaylee: NO NO! It's not worth it, it was just a TV Role!

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