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  • Any time that the cast of the TV series gets to show that they're not only talented actors, but also great singers.
  • At the end of the Historical Fashion Fix for the Celtic warrior, the warrior isn't satisfied with his makeover and works himself into a battle frenzy. You expect the host to get chased off-screen in a comedic manner, but instead he stops the warrior, just like that.
    Host: Not. On my show. *Badass Fingersnap* Sister.
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  • On the Rosa Parks Civil Rights song, props to the main cast for playing the part of the white bus passengers instead of leaving it to extras, though it must have been supremely uncomfortable to do so, considering the subject matter.
  • Alexander The Great. At the age of 20, he lost his father to assassins. How did he react? He ruthlessly crushed the rebels, and then moved on to conquer Persia AND Egypt, all in the span of 5 years.
    Founded Egypt's Alexandria!
    I was now pharoah, and king of Persia!
    Not bad for 25!
  • The RAF pilots. Some of the most badass ace pilots in history. Special mention goes to Douglas Bader, who lost both his legs in an accident and yet still returned to serve in the air force when war broke out. He led the air attack and shot down 22 German planes before being shot down himself.
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  • From "Flame", the song about the history of the Olympics, we have famous athlete Jesse Owens. Who pretty much schooled Hitler.
    Hitler said Berlin should be the games' Germanic base!
    So he could show the world Aryans were the master race!
    I won in four events, he had to backpedal,
    His evil theory destroyed with every medal!
  • Francis I beating Henry VIII at the Field of the Cloth of Gold... by tripping him.
  • "The Suffragette Song" which really goes into detail the determination of the women who fought for for equal rights.
    So all take note now women can vote
    And it's thanks to those who fought in the Suffragette name.
  • Emma Sharp pulling a pistol on one of the men who tries to stop her completing her 1000-miles-in-1000-hours walk. Yes, this is Truth in Television. And yes, she did complete the challenge.
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  • Lily Parr, the greatest English football striker of 1951.
    Lily Parr: I scored over 900 goals in my career, I scored 43 goals in my first season and I was only 14 at the time.

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