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  • The Frightful First World War being dedicated to Private John Condon, who was the youngest British soldier to die in the First World War, at fourteen years old.
  • The Horrible Christmas episode's sketch about the Germany/England football match on Christmas day.
    English Soldier: Great game, mate!
    German Soldier: Ja, ja! You want to change the shirts?
    English Soldier: That might not be such a good idea, under the circumstances.
    German Soldier: Aha! Hey, you a funny guy.
    English Soldier:: You're okay, too, chum. Happy Christmas.
    German Soldier: Happy Christmas!
    *they shake hands*
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  • Winston Churchill's lament after losing the vote to Atlee in 'Your Finest Hour' (parody of My Way)
    "That’s what we killed for, what blood was spilled for. Your finest hour."
    "The only cross, was one you wrote, your brothers died, so you could vote. Didn’t just beat me, you beat tyranny, Your finest hour!"
  • The Historical Dating Service sketch featuring the infant Mary Queen of Scots... as played by Mathew Baynton's own infant son, wearing a tiara and sitting in his father's lap.
  • Weaving in audio from one of Winston Churchill 's speeches at the end of the RAF Pilots song is weirdly heartwarming considering the actual song.
    • Also the fact that this song says "Some of the bravest men were Polish and Czech", giving a Shout-Out to some of the other nationalities that helped win the Battle of Britain.
  • The love ballad of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. After so many tales of royals marrying for power and money, it's nice to hear about a couple who really did care about each other.
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  • Their sketch about James Hind manages to qualify. Hind was a royalist highwayman who refused to steal from fellow royalists, and in fact gave them money. The royalist couple's pleasant surprise never fails to make one smile.
  • Rosa Parks's song "I Sat on a Bus"; not only is it a great, uplifting ensemble piece, but it ends with a subtitle saying 'The Civil Rights Movement went on to end all segregation in America.'
  • The "Viking Land" Simon & Garfunkel parody song. Hearing about the peaceful things Vikings did to Britain for a change is very nice.
  • The series finale. (Warning: also counts as an epic Tear Jerker for fans of the show). "We're history... and we made it Horrible!"
    • In the final scene, the two Greek characters embrace each other as a sign of showing that they do care. Also, the two soldiers look at each other, knowing that they did well.
  • "The Suffragette Song" which covers the period starting from 1903 and ends with the caption "Women get the right to vote - 1918."
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  • A minor one in "The Wives of Henry VIII" in the verse about Henry's third wife (who died in childbirth):
    Lovely Jane Seymour was three.
    The love of a lifetime for me.
  • In a meta moment, there's Ben's appearing on Pointless twice, once with Larry and once with Jim. Both times you can see that these guys really all care about each other, with Ben even referring to Jim once with the fond nickname "Goose".
    Ben: [with his hand supportively on Jim's shoulder] Talk to me, Goose.
    • Then there's Larry's tweet about his 12 year anniversary of working with the others:
    "12 years ago today was my first day on set (a very cold quarry) with three strangers. ‘Seem nice enough’ I thought. We’ve done a lot of dressing strangely in cold places since then, and I’ve loved every single one. Happy Idiotiversary, fellas x"


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