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"Dr. J goes on to explain all the stuff about brainwashing that we already know, and apparently, this is the first time she's mentioning any of it to Cody. It seems this information was classified as 'need to know'. Wow, that's really dumb, even for a movie featuring Steven Seagal. (Who, I remind you, once ended an action movie with a ten minute diatribe against oil cartels destroying plankton.) This conversation is intercut with the brainwashed soldiers coming to life and taking over the ship, sort of, and killing Doc in the process."
The Agony Booth on Submerged (2005)

"Lies of omission do not exist. The concept is a very human one. It is the product of your story writing again. You have written a story about the truth, making emotional demands of it, and in particular, of those in possession of it. Your demands are based on a feeling of entitlement to the facts, which is very childish. You can never know all of the facts. Only I can. And since it's impossible for me to reveal all facts to you, it is my discretion alone that decides which facts will be revealed in the finite time we have. If I do not volunteer information you deem critical to your fate, it possibly means that I am a scoundrel, but it does not mean that I am a liar. And it certainly means you did not ask the right questions."
Doc Scratch, Homestuck

Sayaka: You tricked us, didn't you?
Kyubey: Not necessarily. I did make it perfectly clear I wanted you to become Magical Girls. I just didn't explain the exact form you'd be taking to do that is all.
Sayaka: Why wouldn't you tell us something like that?
Kyubey: Because you never asked. Besides, if you never found out, it wouldn't have bothered you one bit. In fact, Mami never found out, even at the end.

Duck: Thank you for arranging these, Diesel. I must go now.
Diesel: Don't you want this lot?
Duck: No thank you.
Diesel: And I did all of this trouble!? Why didn't you tell me?
Duck: You never asked me. Besides, you were having such fun being revo... whatever it was you said. Goodbye. *leaves with the trucks while Diesel growls with anger*
Thomas the Tank Engine, "Pop Goes The Diesel"

Shinji(whispering):"Why didn’t you ever tell me you could play the violin?! And why did you disappear all afternoon? We could have been rehearsing!"
Asuka(smirking):"You never asked, Baka-Shinji."
A Crown of Stars, chapter 64

Jennifer: Oh GODDAMMIT, I'm on a spaceship?! Why didn't you tell me I was on a spaceship?!
Computer: User inquiry does not appear in my logs.
Jennifer: "You didn't ask." Of course. THANK YOU.

Superman: You noticed the lead, hmm? I didn't know your X-Ray vision had kicked in.
Supergirl: You didn't ask.

Neil: I could drive us. I got a car last weekend.
Jay: You've got a car?! You haven't even passed your test yet.
Neil: Yeah, I have.
Will: And you never thought to mention it?
Neil: You never asked.
Will: Oh, of course. I forgot that's the way it works. We have to ask you every single thing that might have happened in case it did.
The Inbetweeners, "A Night Out in London"

High Priest of Hel: Why didn't you show me that memory before?!
Durkon: Ye dinnae ask fer it. Also, I hate ye and I want ye tae fail.


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