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Quotes / You Didn't See That

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"That didn't just happen and none of you remember anything. Or I will scoop out your brains and make a pie, understood?"
Asuka Langley Sohryu, Advice and Trust, chapter 4

Asuka:"Well, someone messed up my measurements then! […] Ack! They got the chest measurement all wrong..."
Rei:"No, it is more likely that your breasts have enlarged, due to the fact that you are a mother and currently breast-feeding a baby. Since the plug suits were never designed for the possibility that one of its users might have gone through pregnancy. Furthermore, you might have gained body fat during that period. […] I believe your bra size has increased by at least 3 sizes."
Asuka:"What? […] Why you little! Just wait until you have kids! Then we'll see what happens to you!"
Shinji:"I think you should forget what you just heard about my Asuka,"
Takuma:"What...what? I didn't hear anything."
The Child of Love 2, chapter 3

Asuka: "What did you see?!"
Shinji: "Nothing! [...] I didn't see you playing with your dolls!"


"Ignore that, you will."



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