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Lex Luthor: We each have our own nemesis, my friend. You, your Web-slinger — I, my Man of Steel. Still, tomorrow, perhaps...!
Doctor Octopus: "Tomorrow"? Tomorrow, we'll be right here, Luthor — watched by those blasted all-seeing eyes!
Luthor: Perhaps. Perhaps not. Still — if we were free tomorrow, would you care to join forces? To make a small trade?
Doc Ock: Hah! "My enemy for yours"? Why not, Luthor?

Rhino and Shocker? How'd they get together, computer dating?

"My name is Badra," she said to them, through Mars's alien gases. "I believe you are Mala, Kizo, and U-Ban, of Krypton. We have enemies in common. Let us talk."

"Our foe, the Anti-Monitor, has fled or has died. Not even I can detect his presence, either in our universe, or in his. My calculations must be true. The Crisis he created is over. But great unsettlement remains. We all crave power, for various reasons. Now is the time to strike. Not even the heroes of the five remaining Earths can withstand our combined power."
Not all of those who listened to Brainiac nodded, but most knew the truth of that. Super-villains outnumbered super-heroes by a factor no one had yet calculated. If they all struck at once, in coordinated effort, little could be beyond their grasp. Better yet, within their grasp might be the lives of those heroes who had opposed them, defeated them, imprisoned them.

Cecily Fairchild: What does BD stand for?
Maito Senpuji: Black Diamond. They're a group that got sent to Al-Warth, and they're made up of pretty much all the major bad guys in my world, banded together.
Wataru Ikusabe: The problem is that they're part of the Doakudar Army.
Judau Ashta: Nothing sucks worse than when supervillains team up.

Darkseid: Together we could crush Superman!
Brainiac: Earth's history suggests otherwise.


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