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Quotes / Stop Poking Me!

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"If you touch me, then you're telling me you want to be touched too."
"Huh? If you do that, then I'll manhandle you too."

"I pray your childish mind will soon turn itself towards other amusements!"
Male Cleric voice, Icewind Dale

"I'd show more care when poking my armor, if I were you. A little prick can be quite the annoyance."

We already closed for the day.
Just come back some other time.
...I told you, we're closed.
...Hey, are you listening?
I told you, we're done!
That's it! I'm not telling any more fortunes today! Leave! Who is this person!? You're scaring me!!!

Fortune tellers in the Item World, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

The store is closed for today.
We'll be waiting for your next visit.
...Excuse me, but the store is closed.
Um, the store is closed.
The manual didn't tell us what to do with people who are this aggressive...
That's it! We're calling the cops!!!

Curry Shop cashiers in the Item World, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

"Are you enjoying this, mortal? Wasting valuable time clicking on me so you can hear these "jokes"? Uhh, you're not recording this, are you?"

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