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"You're a real liar! This is fake. You can't earn 100,000,000 points on Normal difficulty or above. It's 100% virtually impossible. No Americans can do that. Only Japan can do that. Valcon Games disabled this function upon the game's release. This video should go straight into trash and never should viewed again. This is just a video that only pussies would fall for. How stupid! STUPID! STUPID!! STUUUPIIIIIIDDD!!!!"
— A troll, regarding someone's record video of Raiden Fighters Jet

”battle plz, no nasty plot, or sword dance, or dragon dance, and u HAVE TO LET me set up bellyzard, and no taunt, or heracross, and NO WEAVILLE, and no substitute, unless i have it. And dont use that many attacks and NO ROAR, or WHIRLWIND, and IF IM GOING TO LOSE, then quit the fight”
The “Edgar Clause”, an infamous battle request on Smogon

"Have you no shame?!"
"Do you know nothing else?!"
Raphael, when being defeated by Ring Out once or more (respectively), Soulcalibur V

I was the best hunter until they added Alatreon. That horrific creature curb stomped me and my will to hunt. I refuse to actually use elemental weapons to defeat it.
NotGenji posting a negative review for Monster Hunter: World, MHWorld Shots: New and Old Alatreon


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