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    Fan Works 
Shinji Ikari was not a people person. He lacked severely in people skills. This went doubly so for girls that showed signs that they liked him. With Asuka's arm entwined with his and her warm tone of voice, his mind turned to mush. "Um, well, you see..."

I'll confess one thing; I've never been very good at getting used to new people.

I don't do one-night stands and I don't have time for a relationship. I almost have too much on my plate with school, community-service hours, and saving the world from evil mutants. Figuring out women takes too much time and energy. That, and most people just manage to irritate me.

    Live-Action TV 
"You actually want me to tell you how to fit in? (sigh) Well, um... Suffer a trip to the pub for a start. Using nicknames is good, or at least don't refer to your colleagues by their rank all the time. Crack a joke or two, preferably at someone else's expense. Buy a round of coffees, it's really not... (notices Morton is taking notes, looks away in disgust) ...rocket science."
DCI Banks, "Dry Bones That Dream"

I used to be so good at meeting grown-ups. I'd just sing 'Itsy-Bitsy Spider' flawlessly and then ride that wave until bath-time. But now, it's anybody's guess.
Detective Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Tabletop Games 
Usually solitary souls, some grave wardens fall into the practise of only talking to the dead and find it difficult to hold normal conversations. Often, when asked questions, a warden will stare blankly at the person, not because he is slow-witted or deaf, but because it takes him a moment to remember that other people can actually talk. This is far from the hardest part of interacting with a warden, however, as they tend to only want to talk about death and see the trials and troubles of life as pale by comparison to Morr’s ever-looming shadow. It is little wonder that few people bother with more than a simple nod before heading on their way.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Career Compendium - The Ultimate Career Reference

    Video Games 
Alice Lorange: I am Alice Lorange. You know... like an orange. You don't laugh... Why? The others always laugh.
Les Quatre Alices

Annabel Usher: At least the war golem's still in formaldehyde.
Hayden Montag: It's funny that you should mention that...
Annabel Usher: Funny-comical or funny-peculiar?
Hayden Montag: I don't really understand the phrase. I was auditioning it for future personable conversation.
Annabel Usher: ...Mixed success, then...

Why do my words
Always lose their meaning?
What I feel, what I say
There's such a rift between them
He said "I can't
really seem to read you."
I just stood there
Never know what I should do.
Laura Shigihara, "Everything's Alright" from To the Moon

"You're a man of many talents, but "talking" isn't one of them."
Aerith to Cloud, Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Western Animation 
Gyro: Shut up everyone! I've done something brilliant!
Scrooge: Ah, Gyro. [to Louie] Gyro Gearloose, my head of research and development.
Board Member: I'm sorry, but we-
Gyro: Apology accepted. Now try to keep up with my mind-numbing genius.
Scrooge: Gyro, what did we say about interacting with other people?
Gyro: The cards. [sighs] Fine.
DuckTales (2017), "The Great Dime Chase!"


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