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Logan Lerman: I saw Band of Brothers. I saw you come up and I was like "Hey, that's Jimmy Fallon!"
Jimmy Fallon: No, no, no no! You're supposed to say "That's Lt. Rice!"
— The two discussing Fallon's role in Band of Brothers on The Tonight Show

"You never saw his films to see him slip into different characters and roles. You saw him to play John Wayne. He did it well. He did it very well. Nobody can play John Wayne like John Wayne."

"After two hopeless seasons of Happy Get-Along Archer, attempts were made to turn him into a darker, more driven character, but it never stuck. Scott Bakula will always be Scott Bakula: a super nice guy."
The Agony Booth's recap of Star Trek: Enterprise, "A Night in Sickbay"

Along the same lines, there's a really popular trend to replace character names with actor names, like "The Narnians think all their problems will be solved when Liam Neeson returns." Or you replace a character's name with another character the actor has played, like "In A Walk in the Clouds, Neo returns from World War II to find a series of plot twists that conveniently let him dump his wife for a more attractive woman while still being the good guy."

Once again, people saw this used in a funny way somewhere and took home the wrong lesson. Usually when it's done right, it's done to make a point, like the fact that the actor fails so badly at disappearing into the role that you never see the character because the actor is so obviously himself. Like I don't even remember Arnold Schwarzenegger's character names in half the movies he was in because you just look at him and see Arnold Schwarzenegger. If the writer spent any time or effort writing a personality for the character, they'll probably never make that mistake again, because on screen the character is just "Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger if he happened to be a spy/doctor/scientist."

So when you say, "Here's the scene in
Junior where Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to give birth," it's not some forced formula joke, it's an accurate way of describing how the scene comes across to most viewers — Arnold Schwarzenegger giving birth.Caption: 

"I'm only human, and I have no doubt Spock will outlive me by many years. I can only hope that, once in a while, when people look at Spock's visage, they might sometimes think of me."
Leonard Nimoy, I Am Spock, his follow-up to I Am Not Spock


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