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Q: Elaine, some of the book titles sound alike, and I’m having some trouble keeping track of which ones are which (limited cranial capacity). (I understand that it's the publishers that pick the titles, but Elf this, Shadow that, and in various combinations, I know I’ll wind up buying one of these books twice.)(Oh, now I see!)
A: Yes, there is an "elf" and "shadow" theme going on in Songs & Swords. I can see how it might be confusing. If you seek clarity, there's a list of my published stuff on the Bookshelf page of my website,
A: And yes, the publishers usually pick the titles. In my case, that's probably just as well. The working title for The Floodgate was "Watergate" for several weeks before I figured out why that just didn't sound right. Similarly, I wanted "Moonshadow" for my first book (Elfshadow). The way my editor tells it, for several days after I suggested that title, the TSR staff went around humming Cat Stevens songs and cursing my name. I've learned since then that, generally speaking, it's a good idea to avoid "moon" in a fantasy title: there are probably more moons in a row of fantasy novels than in a busload of drunken frat boys.
Elaine Cunningham on the official fan site of Forgotten Realms.

"Well, because it's submerged in a marine environment, I call it the Going-Under-The-Water-Safely-Device."
Leonard of Quirm, Jingo

It's a history book. Here's a random page...
Trapped behind the barrier and fearful of further human attacks, we retreated.
Far, far into the earth we walked, until we reached the cavern's end.
This was our new home, which we named...
As great as our king is, he is pretty lousy at names.

Fearing the humans no longer, we moved out of our old city, HOME
We braved harsh cold, damp swampland, and searing heat...
Until we reached what we now call our capital.
Again, our King is really bad at names...?
"Monster History Part 4", Undertale

Minato:"Looks like I'll have to create an opening with my Rasen Senkou Chou Rinbukou Sanshiki."
Tobirama:"You leave me at a loss for words, sometimes. A technique named like that is almost enough to make a grown man laugh. Though, given our predicament ... I'm in no position to laugh."
Minato & Tobirama, during the 4th Shinobi World War, "Naruto"


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