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Jak: Great, more mucking in the mud...
Daxter: I hate to burst your bathtub bubbles, baby, but that ain't just mud down there!

The rules here are pretty simple. Are you making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game? Your first level may be set in a sewer. Are you making any other game whatsoever? Then the moment you start working on a sewer level is the time to put down your keyboard and back away slowly from the games industry. These levels have precisely one purpose – to make every other kind feel better in comparison.
Richard Cobbett, PC Gamer's Saturday Crapshoot

I'm pretty sure the sewers underneath Jerusalem don't run blue.

Can you tell me something? Why does every Zelda game have to have a water temple and why do they always have to suck so much?! Ocarina of Time's water temple? I'd rather drown.
Jontron, talking about the series' recurring cases of That One Level in his video on 6 Horrible Boss Battles

Uuuuuuugh... I don’t want to go down into the sewers... I don’t even want to write about going down in the sewers...

Quasimodo: Is this the Court of Miracles?
Phoebus: Offhand, I'd say it's the Court of Ankle-deep Sewage.

This isn't the kind of place where I'd choose to spend my holidays!" quips the game, quippily, as you descend into yet another fine product of Sewer Level Inc. Yes, Sewer Level Inc: "Padding Your Stupid Games Since 1986.
PC retro review of Future Wars

...You're kidding. Really? I had to go through all of that and THIS is what I get? A sewer level?! Sewer levels are the worst! We should have just ignored the call!

You run around like a rat in a maze hitting switches and looking for a way out. It's tedious as hell and takes forever, but then again all horrible games need to have sewers because that's where they belong.

When I saw this scene happened I screamed because I knew the next level would be a fucking sewer. And it was. I was hoping the game would be over in the last level. Instead, they toss you in the sewer and the sewer levels are the fucking worst, literally the worst. They're these huge mazes that kind of loop around and back and forth and... Aw, these levels are so long and they never end.


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