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The Doctor: I once spent a hell of a long time trying to get a gobby Australian to Heathrow Airport.
Clara: What for?
The Doctor: Search me.

Looking back, I can understand their position — the Clone Saga was one of the very few things that was actually working in the comics industry at the time, and there was a great deal of fear that the sales would drop like an anvil once the storyline was over. But of course, unnaturally prolonging what was at its essence a very finite storyline was extremely short-term thinking, and the kind of approach that could hurt the entire franchise. We (the editors and the writers) knew this, but the sales and marketing departments wielded a lot of power and influence at that time, and we had little choice but to follow their lead.
Editor/Writer Glenn Greenberg on The Clone Saga

"The filler used in the series is legendary; lest we forget, the entire Majin Buu saga, which took place within one day, took 78 episodes and two years to complete."

It was an excruciatingly long story, suddenly and unsatisfyingly resolved by unrelated factors. But it was written by the guy behind Lost so we should have expected that.

It feels like with Mulder and Scully back at the reins, their substitutes are no longer necessary. It's symptomatic of why the show was never going to succeed with Doggett and Reyes at the helm when the creator is still obsessing over his tired and departed former lead. As characters they worked a charm, and Patrick and Gish make a winning pair, but the series needed to get over Mulder and Scully in order to forge a new path and that was never going to happen with Carter in charge. He's too obsessed with maintaining the status quo, hoping to re-capture glories past rather than forging new glories ahead.
Joe Ford on The X-Files, "The Truth"

David: I hope an Xbox Achievement pops up when Clark finally flies in the finale.
Chris: I think we should get the achievement for making it all the way through to the end of the season. Or at least hazard pay.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Prophecy")

Naruto: Oh my God, it's been, like, 14 episodes! Can we please just get to the castle?
Rain Ninja: No, because you need to extend these completely unimportant scenes in order to lengthen the series. It's called Inuyasha Syndrome.
Other Rain Ninja: No, that's when nothing happens for the entire series! You're thinking of Dragonball Z Syndrome!

"How many Dragon Ball Z characters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!"
— Old internet joke

Freeza: Just five more minutes until this planet blows.
Five hours (10 episodes) later
Freeza: Just one more minute until this planet blows.
Ten hours later
Freeza: Just one more second until this planet blows.
Goku: (Hums) Well, Freeza. It's been one second. What happened? Wasn't this planet supposed to "blow?"
Freeza: (Angrish) Five more minutes!
Alternate Reality DBZ lampshading the former Trope Namer

"A typical webcomic April's fool prank involves pretending to give up on the comic. I'm likely one of the few webcomic artists who can shock people by pretending to carry on."

"Stardate 6/9/3333 common Era, it has been over a month since we arrived at this place, I should be thankful during this time I have not had to shoot any thing, instead I am bored, and the supplies are low... all meat products expended, I am beginning to wonder if the ship will ever be fixed... and or what ever we came here to do will ever get done."

Forgath: Um, okay. I guess my first question would be, how did Brassmoon get a talking wall?
Talking Wall: Oh geez, you don't want to know that. The answer is a story arc that goes on for, like, ever. Ask me something else.

"When are they gonna get to the fireworks factory?!" [Bursts into tears]
Milhouse, The Simpsons, "Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie"


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