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It's time to lurn...and have a good time!

Hello! The teacher crew is here to answer all your CREATIVE questions! We'd LOVE to! So long as they don't waste our TIME. But you wouldn't DREAM of doing that, would you? We do it all DIGITALLY!

HEALTHY sfw questions only, please.

[the opinions expressed by amoral talking objects to not necessarily reflect those of the AIL moderator]

A blog based on the acclaimed web series Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared. It's basically a fan-made slice of life ask blog featuring the various "teachers" from the series, putting them in a MUCH less sinister light. AND yet, everyone still feels like they're in character.

Though it used to just feature Tony, Sketchpad, Roy, and the 3 students, the cast has increased DRASTICALLY. And that's not even counting the Original Characters.


Let's Get Creative!