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Nightmare Fuel / Transformers: Rescue Bots

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There are quite a few examples from this show, despite being aimed for younger audiences.

  • Only a couple episodes into the series and a mission goes unexpectedly wrong when a redirection of lava ends up flowing into a tunnel that leads directly to the command center where Cody is stationed. And to make matters worse, he's not near his com so his siblings can't warn him! Small wonder Kade, Graham and Dani all start panicking when they realize this.
  • In "Bumblebee to the Rescue", when Kade and Heatwave are heading home, Heatwave was infected by the meteor and while he was talking, he suddenly fell silent and his face was fixed into a completely blank and wide-eyed stare. It was unsettling by how quickly and unexpectedly it happened.
  • The dark alternate timeline, in which Griffin Rock becomes Moropolis. Everyone who lives there are despondent due to being oppressed by armies of Morbots, which Bumblebee rightfully mistakes them to be Decepticons.
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  • This is more of an example for parents: Charlie and Doc Greene were deeply concerned when they found out that Cody, Frankie, and the Bots were sent back in time. There they are being pursued and hunted down by a Mad Scientist and absolutely nobody could help them out because nobody knows them. Unfortunately, due to a mishap, that Mad Scientist ended up ruling Griffin Rock and not even Cody's family remembers who he is, leaving them all alone in their journey to fix their timeline.
  • Doctor Thaddeus Morocco. He is a Faux Affably Evil Mad Scientist who somehow got his hands on a mechanical Fountain of Youth. The sheer idea that a villain in a kid's show has the ability to (theoretically) live forever could induce fear in young children due to the fact that Morocco rapidly ages and is now completely dependent on the machine to keep himself alive, making him a type of cyborg. The scenes where uses the machine are disturbing because he is suddenly a hobbling old man and after being in the machine for a few seconds, he is in the prime of his youth once again.
  • While normally played for laughs, Blades screaming as he's flash-frozen in "Tip of the Iceberg" is anything but funny.
    • While trying to warm up back home, he starts screaming just by seeing a hologram of the Sub-Zero Expander, before Chase covers his eyes. He was basically traumatized by the machine.
  • "Spellbound." Everyone but Cody winds up hypnotized by mysterious phones...should be funny, right? Cue Twenty minutes of Cody watching everyone around him fall into a very subtle brainwashed state, frantically seeking help, and realizing that he's completely on his own. On an island full of dangerous people who are willing to hurt him.
  • In "The Vigilant Town", Griffon Rock gets a new computer to run things called Vigil. The computer itself is an obvious shout-out to Hal 9000, with the exception that Vigil can emote. Some might think that lessens how creepy Vigil is. It does not.
  • In "Changes", Morocco uses a prototype weather machine to create all manner of wild weather, including fire tornadoes, just to get some vital information!
    • What's worse, Morocco learned the Rescue Bots' secret in the process!
  • The liquefying artifact— especially terrifying since it destroys the bedrock and causes the island to sink (Thank goodness its effect can be reversed.)
  • The creepy pocket dimension introduced in "Phantom of the Sea". It's just a little unsettling how it goes on and on, forever.
  • The episode focusing on the Maine Ridge Monster has some creepy moments, especially Graham's transformation into a sasquatch-like werebeast. Blades' reaction says it all:
    Blades: Was that CGI? Because if it was, it was VERY well done.

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