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Nightmare Fuel / Transformers: Cyberverse

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    Chapter One 
Episode 1 - Fractured
  • Windblade enters Bumblebee's mind for the first time. Unfortunately, her connection is broken by a looming memory of Megatron, resulting in her screaming in pain and releasing a pulse of energy.
Episode 6 - Megatron Is My Hero
  • While we don't actually see Megatron rip out Bumblebee's voicebox in "Megatron is My Hero", hearing the sound of static gargling as Bee is screaming in pain is monstrously dark and disturbing for an all-ages show.
Episode 8 - Terminal Velocity
  • Good lord, The Plague of Rust is this. It is a re-imagining of the traditional Transformer ailment of cosmic rust. First established in Transformers: The Covenant of Primus as an apocalyptic plague responsible for cutting Cybertron's many colonies off from their ancestral homeworld and in the Cyberverse continuity, we get to see it in all of its horrific glory in this episode. We even get to see it disintegrate Blurr in mere seconds.
  • The unnerving sound of the crashing repair drones.
  • An infected bot says "Red rust! Red rust!" similar to The Shining's Danny Redrum's mantra "Redrum".
Episode 10 - Maccadam's Episode 11 - Sabotage
  • Shockwave enters Bumblebee's mind and disrupts Windblade's presence, then disguising as her to convince Bee that he's a Decepticon in order to manipulate him to pull a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Bumblebee being forced to experience a modified memory of him being a Decepticon spy:
    • After Wheeljack discovers that Bee is a traitor, he is ejected out of the Ark, in space.
    • Optimus Prime, after discovering that Bumblebee is a spy, chases him, corners Bee and seems ready to kill him... but he breaks Bee's stasis cuffs. He then agrees with Bee that everyone in the ship knows the truth and decides to kill everyone to maintain their cover.
    • As a result, this memory leaves Bee traumatized and deduces that "Windblade" is not real.

Episode 14 - Siloed

  • The Seekers decide to perform a mind rip on Windblade. This process is potentially dangerous and may result in frying the brain of the subject. Thankfully, Windblade doesn't lose her memories.

     Chapter Two - Power of the Spark 
Episode 20 - Bad Moon Rising
  • After Starscream betrays him and left him for dead, Megatron decides to give his former second in command the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that he deserves. Compared to Screamer's punishments or deaths in The Transformers: The Movie, Transformers Animated and Transformers: Prime, each one horrific in their own right, this one tops all of them.
    • To wit, in less than a second, Megatron was mercilessly punching and kicking Starscream all across the Nemesis. The injuries Starscream took were severe with cracks and crushed body parts. All Starscream can do as Megatron strangles him is say that he has suffered enough. But Megatron won't let him and decides to finally kill him in cold blood. And when he sees that Starscream is dead he tosses the body out of the Nemesis as it's taking off, leaving it on the moon, before turning to the Decepticons who watched:
      Megatron: We are done here.
Episode 24 - Dark Birth
  • Starscream reveals his plan: to unite everyone's spark with the Allspark for eternity, bringing his own twisted vision for peace. Basically, he wants to exterminate every single Autobot and Decepticon standing on his way.
Episode 26 - Starscream's Children
  • The episode itself gives off vibes of a horror film. As Megatron sends a distress signal to Autobots, they come to investigate the Nemesis, where they find all Decepticons frozen in place, all their energon drained, but their sparks still intact. Eventually, they discover the scraplets - insectoid creatures that drain energon from their victims. When they overwhelm them with sheer numbers, Hot Rod and Bumblebee ended up being drained, the latter begging for Cheetor to come and help Optimus. Later, Windblade tries to attack Starscream, but she, too, was drained by scraplets.
Episode 30 - I Am the Allspark
  • Starscream fuses with the Allspark, and then he thanks his Seekers for their usefulness by draining their sparks. Not to mention he plays with them like they were his puppets. Had Optimus Prime not used the Matrix of Leadership in time, Starscream would have succeeded in eradicating all Autobots and Decepticons.
Episode 36 - The Crossroads
  • Unspace is played straight as an Eldritch Location. The crew comes upon an empty duplicate of the Ark that suddenly disintegrates. Later, after two more Arks enter and after a failed attempt to escape we see one of the Wheeljacks go completely silent and then crumble away.

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