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Here there be spoilers!

  • The first time the team fights Trex in the series' opening episode. They may not be (combat grade) bots yet, but they're well on their way.
  • "Under Pressure" - Blades, without prompting and even against recommendation, flies headlong and blinded through a cloud of volcanic ash to get the water to save Cody, knowing full well the ash could gum up his rotors and drop him from the sky. He doesn't make a big deal out of it, either (he wordlessly takes off once he understands the situation), and it isn't portrayed as the epic "overcoming his fear" moment most shows go for. He's just buckling down and getting the job done, regardless of his terror. Rescue Bot, yes he is.
    • Also, Heatwave and Kade putting aside their differences to protect the one thing they have in common: Cody.
  • "Deep Trouble": Heatwave wrestles a sophisticated robotic shark-like submarine and considers it a sport.
  • Chase gets a small one in "Christmas in July" when the Mayor tries using his radio to take credit for Cody's idea.
    Chase: Mayor or no mayor, he's not telling a lie over my public address system.
    • You tell 'em, Chase.
  • In "The Reign of Morocco", after Cody, Dani and Blades are caught spying on the good doctor, the Morbot chases them all the way back to the fire station, where the other Rescue Bots stand ready. A fight is averted when Dr. Morocco calls the Morbot back to the lab. Still, it's pretty awesome watching the bots ready for a fight. They may not be (warrior class) bots like Optimus Prime's team, but they're still Autobots at the core.
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  • The Rescue Bots ripping apart the Morbot.
  • Chase in "Rules and Regulations", mostly for refusing to follow Heatwave in disobeying the chief's orders, and faking a littering emergency to get the human half of the team to come help after losing contact with the other bots.
  • Bumblebee risking his own life to save Graham in "Bumblebee to the Rescue".
  • Chase protecting Chief Burns from the oncoming Squilsh in "You've Been Squilshed", despite the danger to himself. Chase gets swallowed up instead, but the Chief is saved thanks to his selflessness.
  • In "Rescue Boy", Cody deflects falling debris with his hoverboard.
  • Optimus Prime and Bumblebee coming to the Rescue Bots' rescue at the last second in "It's a Bot Time".
  • Just about all of the fight scenes in "Bot to the Future" are pretty awesome.
  • In "Sky Forest", the bots get their first chance to show off the new energize tools Boulder and the Doc built last episode.
  • Kade and Heatwave finally enjoy working together in "Tip of the Iceberg", because they get the chance to bully Doctor Morocco.
    Kade: (with obvious delight) Firebot, "assist" Doctor Morocco into his submarine.
    Heatwave: (totally in character for once) As commanded.
  • Near the end of "Changes", Heatwave gains a third alt form!
  • Bumblebee's quick thinking to use clotheslines to save Dani from quicksand in "Odd Bot Out".
  • In "Land Before Prime", Optimus tops Heatwave's new boat alt form with a Tyrannosaurus Rex alt mode.
    • Beyond that, aside from Grimlock (who's not exactly the epitome of Big Good) this was the first time that a truly heroic character was granted a Tyrannosaurus Rex mode.
    • Boulder follows Prime's lead as of "Big Game" when he obtains his third alt form, a Triceratops.
  • By the end of "Quarry's Quarry" all rescue bots have there own dinobot modes.
    • A big surprise comes from Heatwave's choice. The Brachiosaurus has never been noted as one of the dinosaur kingdom's best fighters (save for G1 Sludge). But he specifically picked it because he thought it looked badass enough.
  • Meta example in "Switcheroo". They completely avoid Voices Are Mental because the episode came from the actors mimicking each other's characters backstage and in the actual show, having each other's mannerisms down pat.
  • The Musical Episode! The entire cast gets in on the act.
  • The fact that they took a G1 character like Lord Chumley and brought him into the aligned universe.
  • As of 'Cody's 11', Rescue Bots beats G1 as the longest running Transformers series.

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