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Tear Jerker / Transformers: Rescue Bots

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  • The looks of horror on the faces of the Rescue bots in "Family of Heroes" when Optimus tells them Cybertron is now a dead planet.
    • Likewise, Optimus's little uncomfortable pause when he struggles to find a way to break it to them that all the other Rescue Bot teams have been destroyed: "I did not know that any rescue teams were... still active."
  • While it isn't brought up too much, every time Cody is brushed aside or overshadowed by the rest of his family simply for being too young to be on the rescue team. And just about every time he tries to find a way to contribute, he fails.
    • Like in "Cody on Patrol", when he accidentally unleashed a swarm of crazed nanites while trying to upgrade his go-kart.
    • Or the "Rescue Boy" fiasco.
    • Watching Cody grow ever more despondent in "One for the Ages". When even after being aged into adulthood, nobody seems to appreciate his abilities. It reaches the tipping point when Frankie stops wanting to play basketball with him because he's just too big, making the odds uneven.
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  • When Heatwave is protecting Frankie in "Shake-Up" from the rocks that are falling on them because Boulder was trying to locate them in a tunnel via sonic waves. Just the way Heatwave yells "Boulder! Stop! You're crushing us!" can bring tears...
  • From the "It's a Bot Time-Bot to the Future" two-parter, Cody, Frankie and the rescue bots return from the year 1939, only to discover present-day Griffin Rock turned into the truest form of a dystopian society. Ruled by Doctor Morocco of course. It's hard to say whether the hardest part is watching Frankie worry about her other timeline dad, or Cody come to terms with the fact that he doesn't exist in the new timeline.
    • Cody meeting his dad in the alternate timeline. Cody was never born, which prompts Charlie to say:
    Charlie: I don't have a son named Cody.
  • Watching the entire Burns family frantic over Graham in "Feed the Beast". Once they learn the townspeople are setting up traps for "the monster", they all start to (rightfully) worry what might happen if Graham's caught by an angry mob.
  • Trex in "Land Before Prime", after saving Doc from a rock fall, gets trapped under some rocks. Every time the team tried to rescue him they had to ditch him for fear of being eaten by real Dinosaurs, not once but twice.
    • Trex just looks so innocently confused each time he's abandoned.
  • Captain Ambrose from "Phantom of the Sea", his ship is struck by lightning in what he thinks is a perfectly harmless emergency. Totally unaware that his ship was now unstuck in time. Skipping forward tens years at a time without even realizing it until the Burns's and Bots reveal the truth. Every time he looks at the picture of his fiancée, you really feel for the man.
  • The Bots increasingly difficult attempts to help the revived caveman (nicknamed Ira) adjust to modern life in "Did You See What I Thaw?".
    • After running around for a while, Ira ends up in a museum, he finds manikins of other cavemen and looks at them mournfully.
  • Much of the situation with Blades. A grounder on Cybertron, he was forced to scan a helicopter despite the fact that he's deathly afraid of flying, and is expected to remain one indefinitely. No one around him ever seems to care.

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