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Nightmare Fuel / The Jungle Book

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • In the original book and some theatrical versions, Tabaqui, Shere Khan's rabid jackal sidekick, has a habit of turning from a Professional Butt-Kisser to an Axe-Crazy maniac, and it's hinted that when he's in his manic stage he could probably take Shere Khan despite being a quarter of his size.
    • And the fact that he spends the entire play eyeing up Mowgli's ankle-bone (which Shere Khan promised to him when he finally kills him) and basically sees him as a walking talking meal doesn't put anyone at ease...
  • Another case from the novel: Kaa hypnotizes the Bandar-Log to save Mowgli. He first charms them so that they cannot move any part of their bodies unless he commands them to, then puts them in a complete trance using "The Dance of the Hungry Kaa". As the dance progresses, he commands them all to move one step closer straight into his waiting maw. Worse still, while Mowgli is immune to Kaa's charms, the hypnosis almost effects Bagheera and Baloo as well, and if Mowgli hadn't stopped them from moving forward when he did, Kaa would likely have eaten them too.
    • This scene is worked into animation in the Adventures of Mowgli animated film. And it is terrifying.
  • Mowgli learns that the village persecuted his mother. Once he gets her and her husband to safety, he destroys the village. Slowly. Over a period of months. Without killing anyone. Bagheera is (half-jokingly?) terrified of him when he realizes what Mowgli is up to. There's even a scene where the fleeing villagers take one last look back at Hathi the elephant breaking down their walls.
    • Initially it's slow. Then Hathi pricks his foot on a splinter. Whatever remained was gone by the end of the day.
  • "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" depicts India as a place where deadly snakes can be anywhere and the simplest of actions can put you in deadly danger. Most explicitly, the boy in the story stoops to offer Rikki a peanut and Karait, a deadly dust brown snakeling, appears out of the dirt right before him to threaten him. Even Rikki is afraid at this, until he realises he is a mongoose, a furry protector born to confront such threats.
    • Nag and Nagaina take the fear Up to Eleven, they are plotting sneak into the house of Rikki's adopted family and kill them.
    • After Nag is killed, his vengeful mate Nagaina abandons stealth and simply walks in on the family when they are having breakfast intent on killing all of them right there. Believing the father killed Nag, she aimed to start by killing the man's son right in front of him.



  • Mowgli being surrounded by jackals is enough to scare someone if Sura and Bagheera didn't arrive to save him.


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