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Nightmare Fuel / The Fly II

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  • The guard in the sequel trying to crawl out of the shaft before a falling elevator gets him. He doesn't make it.
  • The bit where Martinfly vomits on a security guards face, melting it. The guard then rips his own face off while trying to get the vomit off, giving us the lovely page image above. And even worse, if you look closely enough after he falls to the ground, he's still breathing. Brrrr...
  • The Mutant Dog. It was so disturbing to a lot of viewers at the time that it garnered and stirred some backlash (possibly due to the parallels to real life lab animal cruelty). Although, it also counts as a Tear Jerker too. Martin obtains a bottle of chloroform and euthanizes it to end its suffering.
    • What's more, as a boy, Martin was there when he witnessed the poor dog's mutation. And he has a photographic memory.
  • Scorby's death at Martinfly's claws. He doesn't just get a Neck Snap. Martinfly snaps his back too, before flinging him out into the open for both Bartok and Beth to see.
  • Anton Bartok's Karmic Fate Worse than Death scene. After emerging very unexpectedly from the teleporter it gets worse, from the shrill sight of Body Horror to the final gruesome closeup. What is coursing through the now deformed Anton Bartok's mind?
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  • Anton Bartok comes off as creepier than Martinfly in hindsight. He manipulated a young boy for years and posed as a False Friend and father figure while secretly planning to condemn him to a fate worse than death. Why? Because he wanted to get rich.


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