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Tear Jerker / The Fly II

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  • The Mutant Dog. The dog became horribly mutated in a failed teleportation experiment, and Martin was told it had died. The truth is the dog had been kept alive for two years in a steel pit, reduced to crawling around as it could no longer walk properly, in constant pain the whole time, and having to eat liquefied food. To twist the knife further, this sociable dog is deprived of any social contact beyond the tray that slides in with its food. Despite this, it's able to recognize Martin after two years of no social contact. Even sadder is that Martin pets the dog while he is whimpering in pain, yet the dog wags what's left of his tail happily, with it thumping the floor...
    • The moment after when Martin euthanizes the deformed dog.
  • Martin's quiet dismay on learning of Bartok's plans for him.


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