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Fridge / The Fly II

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  • Martin's reason for befriending the dog in the minor kidroduction: under the belief his accelerated growth is part of some disease, he bonds with the dog for also having a shorter lifespan than humans.
  • Martin's fly form is much stronger and looks far healthier then his father. This makes sense seeing how Martin is a natural hybrid while Seth had fly DNA clumsily mashed into his own.
  • The "magic word" for opening the tele-pods: DAD. It's really Martin's way of honoring his father figure. But since Bartok soured it with his true nature, the title of "dad" fell to only one other person: Seth Brundle, who really did want a son, even if he became terribly warped towards the end.
    • Actually, if Martin's falling out with Bartok happened before he changed the password, it's possible he was paying homage to his biological father. He must've also been counting on Bartok to not think Martin would choose a sentimental word for his password.
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    • What's more, the creature Bartok becomes is now truly a mix of both Martin's biological father and his (former) father figure.
  • In the beginning of the movie, we see young Martin able to sneak through security and utilize the air ducts as secret passageways. This foreshadows how easily Martinfly will manipulate the system and will know his way around Bartok Industries.

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