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Nightmare Fuel / The Fly (1986)

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What a Star Trek way to go.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • The original poster, which shows a human arm and an insect leg emerging from the telepod at the same time.
  • Stathis' horrendous stalking habits, while played for laughs in the 1980s, get really awful when you think about them. You have a man breaking into a woman's apartment, following her around without her knowledge, and going into furious, jealous ranting after finding out she's moved on and found another man. In today's society that's incredibly creepy.
  • The page image is from the first indication of how gruesome things will become: the baboon experiment scene. The teleporter knows how to transport living tissues intact, but not the order they go in, which Tele-Frags the baboon, turning it inside out. And it's still alive when it gets there.
  • The arm-wrestling scene, which ends with Brundle snapping the guy's wrist in half; it starts bleeding profusely with the bone jutting out of his wound.
    • Before that, Brundle's grip is apparently so strong that it causes his opponent's arm to start leaking... something. That, or Brundle's fingers are embedded so deeply in the guy's arm that their sweat is pooling into the crevices he's making. Either way, it's not pretty.
      • The shooting script has it that the substance is pus leaking from Seth's fingertips, foreshadowing his fingernails coming off the next morning.
    • Moreover, Seth has been Drunk with Power and casually seductive in the preceding scenes, but as he arm wrestles Marky his face — and especially his eyes — takes on a strange, cold intensity that it never had before. After he wins the match so gruesomely, he seems slightly dazed and groggy as he and Tawny walk down the sidewalk and discuss what they'll do next, as if he were coming to from something else controlling his mind. In hindsight, the match is the first sign of the Split-Personality Takeover that ultimately will consume his human reason and compassion.
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  • Seth managing to Bridal Carry Tawny up to his lab, with seemingly endless energy as he starts running up the stairs. You can just tell that something is seriously wrong.
  • When he still appears human, the scenes where Seth explodes at Ronnie are downright disturbing, particularly when he throws her out.
    "YOU'RE JEALOUS!!! I've become free, I've been released, and you can’t stand it! You'll do anything to bring me down! Look at me. Does this look sick? Does this look like a sick man to you?" (punches through a wooden support beam)
  • The ungodly sound that is played on the soundtrack when the computer reveals that the secondary teleportation subject was a fly. It’s like a sound that a giant fly buzzing overhead would make, and it helps emphasize the Internal Reveal to Seth.
    • If you're insectophobic, the extreme close-up of said fly eventually displayed on the computer screen may be the scariest image in the movie.
  • Stathis' completely horrified reaction to the video of Seth eating. Thankfully, we don't actually see Seth reabsorbing the melted food.
  • Veronica's maggot baby nightmare, especially since it's not framed as a dream until she wakes up. It's often cited by viewers as the most frightening scene of the movie, and is the one that made the 100 Scariest Movie Moments list.
    • Just Ronnie's paranoia that she might be carrying a mutant. Right after she sees Brundle looking even worse than before after trying and failing to tell him about her pregnancy, she's frantically begging Stathis to take her to an abortion clinic, to the point where she tells him, "'Cause I don't want it in my body! Do you understand me?! I don't want it in my body!" when he asks her why. Things take a turn for the worse when we cut up to the roof to discover that Brundle overheard the whole conversation about the abortion, before he steps away from the roof to follow Ronnie and Stathis to the clinic.
  • As the transformation further takes over, Brundle tries communicating to his computer. What we hear is a normal, pained Jeff Goldblum voice, but what gets translated through the computer is a garbled, inhuman mockery of the human voice. And then we see the message displayed on the computer screen.
  • Seth realizing that Ronnie should stay away from him because he is starting to lose his humanity. Very tense scene. Kind of doubles as a Tear Jerker if you notice the tears Seth and Ronnie are both shedding after.
  • Brundle sneaking up on Stathis and melting his hand and foot with vomit drop. And it's implied that if Veronica hadn't stopped him, he would have melted his freaking face!
    • It's even more nightmarish when one considers the context. Seth was deeply insecure about his relationship with Veronica upon realizing that Stathis was not only her editor but ex-lover. Seth misunderstanding why Veronica left on the night of his triumph with the telepods drove him to jealousy and drunkenness...and his fateful teleportation. Moreover, he knows that Stathis was aiding her in her efforts to abort Seth's child. And NOW Stathis arrives to rescue Veronica. It is horribly clear from the expressions on Seth's face that his maiming of Stathis is not merely an expression of the brutal, uncompromised nature of his insect side, but of all the jealousy and resentment that ever lay in his human heart. He could easily kill Stathis outright, but he wants to make him suffer first, and he is clearly enjoying making him suffer. Only Veronica's interruption reminds him of what remains of his better self.
  • The One-Winged Angel transformation, as what remains of Seth's human flesh starts to fall off and his fly-self erupts from his original body.
    • The transformation starts when Ronnie rips off Seth's jaw. It's still twitching on the floor when she throws it down after realizing what's happened.
    • The insect-like buzzing noises Brundlefly produces when his transformation is complete. And then there's the human-like bellows as he painfully fuses with parts of the telepod...
    • And why is she trying to escape him? He's revealed that for his attempt to cure himself, he needs to fuse himself to her — the woman he loves, and the mother of his unborn child. Seth's last words are: "We'll be the ultimate family! A family of...three...joined together in one body...more human than I am alone!" And he's going to teleport Ronnie while the latter is fully clothed. It's best not to think about what the end result would have been had this plan succeeded...
  • Brundlefly ends up merged with the components of the telepod. A big chunk of it is left protruding out of his back, his flesh warped around the machinery, and all he can do to move around is crawl and make ungodly wheezes. It's not hard to see how much pain he's in, especially when he places the barrel of the shotgun to his head.
  • The deleted "Monkey-Cat scene". An early attempt at turning the teleporter into a Merging Machine, which fuses the surviving baboon and a cat into a horrible, agonizing mess that Seth ends up beating to death with a lead pipe after it attacks him.
  • The fact that Seth's project would have inevitably ended in tragedy, regardless of his fate. Even if Seth had teleported safely, the telepods would have eventually gone public. Who knows how many people would have been mutated before the design flaw was discovered and the machines were recalled?


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