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Nightmare Fuel / Sleepaway Camp

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The plot twist, Angela decapitating someone, and the fact that she stood there, frozen and breathing heavily.
    • The penultimate shot is one of the most terrifying images put to film. A blood-covered Angela/Peter is standing there, mouth wide open and growling like an animal while holding a knife, their male genitalia in view, and the dimly lit woods around them. What made this even creepier is that the actor is wearing an Off-Model mask of Angela's face, the mouth elongated. Many nightmares were had by the children of the 1980s.
  • The scene where the aunt tells calmly that "Angela will be a lovely name for him" to Peter. Think about it: she's forcing her traumatized nephew into pretending he's his sister just because she already has a son.
  • Judy's horrific death scene. She's held down with a pillow while Angela grasps a hot curling iron before shoving it into (most likely) her vagina. Only the shadows are shown, but you can hear her skin sizzling as the iron is pressed inside.
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  • Though he may have deserved it, Artie's burns (pictured), leaving him blind and unable to do anything but scream in wretched pain, can qualify.
  • Billy’s death, in which he’s stung to death by bees after the killer drops a beehive into the toilet stall he’s using (after barring the stall door to prevent his escape), is skin-crawling as well. Extra points go to shot of his corpse, swarming with bees and very nasty stings.
  • While she absolutely deserved it, Meg's death is extremely horrifying. Not just a standard shower ambush - Angela stabs her through the wall of the cubicle, carving up her spine while she howls in pain. We see the blood seeping through the wall cracks and all!


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