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Nightmare Fuel / Sherlock Holmes (2009)
aka: Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows

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The First Movie:
"And when the dead walk... the living will fill these coffins."
  • Ambassador Standish's death. Thanks to a hidden sprinkler that sprayed gasoline on him during a rainy night, and the spark from his pulling the trigger of his sabotaged gun whilst pissed off at Blackwood, Standish gets set on fire, wails helplessly, stumbles through a window ON THE FIFTH FLOOR OF THE BUILDING, and demolishes a parked carriage. See for yourself.
  • Sir Thomas's death, especially when Blackwood appears out of nowhere, casually steals his ring, and puts it on, all while Sir Thomas is drowning right next to him, unable to move because of the paralytic that was hidden in his bath salt.
  • Holmes's boxing match with McMurdo. Seriously, it's cringing to watch the hits in slow-motion, because you can see the skin rippling with each connecting blow, especially when his jaw is being broken, to which you can hear an audible crunch.
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  • In the opening scene, Blackwood goads Watson into attacking him while turning to point toward the doctor a long, nearly invisible glass needle. Holmes stops Watson just in time, but Watson is still unnerved when he realises that he almost got himself impaled through his face/eye.

A Game of Shadows:

  • More or less every one of Moriarty's appearances qualify. If attempting to kill Watson out of spite, murdering Irene once she's outlived her usefulness and then throwing the evidence in Holmes' face, manipulating a man into planting bombs and committing suicide by threatening his family, or attempting to start World War I for the sake of war profiteering doesn't convince you that the man is a monster, the scene where he impales Holmes on a meat hook and dangles him from the ceiling while gleefully singing along with a cheerful little Schubert tune probably will.
    • What makes it more NF-worthy is Sherlock being yanked skyward out of frame initially.
    • His vow to dream up "the most creative of endings for the doctor...and his wife." Given what we've seen of Moriarty by that point in the movie, the audience knows he's deadly serious, and if his idea of an interrogation involves meat hook torture, God only knows what the cruelest death he could imagine would be. All for the sake of destroying Holmes. And he includes Mary, who as far as he knows hasn't even done anything against him. Maybe even Make It Look Like an Accident of some kind.Shiver.
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  • The bombing at the conference, set to music from Don Giovanni. Namely the scene in which the title character is dragged off to Hell by demons.
  • Poor Watson during the factory scene. He's pinned down by Moran, forced to listen to his best friend shrieking in agony while Moriarty tortures him, probably envisioning all sorts of horrific possibilities about what is actually taking place, and unable to do a thing about it. Until he realizes that he's hiding behind a BFG, at least. And even then, he seems quite aware of the terrifying possibility that his desperate attempt at a rescue has actually killed Holmes.

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