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Ho Yay / Sherlock Holmes (2009)

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  • Holmes and Watson, Holmes and Lestrade, Holmes and Lord Blackwood...
    • Let's just go with Holmes/Everyone.
    • Holmes and Watson naturally get the lion's share of the attention here, since their literary counterparts might just be the most slashed characters in all of fiction. Even before the movie aired, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law were being continually asked about/criticized for alleged homoerotic undertones, which they vehemently insisted were not their intention (Jude Law once stated something along the lines of, "They can have a horribly codependent relationship without there being something sexual involved").
      • Notably, they can have a romantic relationship without anything sexual going on too...
      • The actors didn't deny it that vehemently. Downey, Jr. made headlines when he described Holmes and Watson's relationship as "two men who happen to be roommates, wrestle a lot and share a bed. It's bad-ass."
      • What about the interview where he described their relationship as being like "A couple of old queens bickering about what street to go antiquing on"?
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    • The film was even lampshading this in the trailers. Scenes of domestic bickering between Holmes and Watson, followed by Irene Adler saying 'They've been flirting for hours'? We see what you did there.
    • And when the movie actually came out, well... it didn't exactly silence any critics, let's put it that way. From Holmes spending most of the movie trying to break up Watson's engagement, to the old married couple bickering about setting rooms on fire and testing anesthesia on the dog, to Holmes almost losing it when Watson gets injured in an explosion and then disguising himself in order to sneak into the hospital where Watson's being treated and treat him himself... and then being confronted by Watson's fiancé who says "I know you care for him just as much as I do", all the way down to Watson's glib comment, upon seeing Holmes again after Holmes had gone on the run from the police, that "You look gorgeous"... well, you don't have to look very far for the subtext.
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    • Not to mention all the touching that goes on. Holmes resting his arm on Watson's thigh while sitting at his feet, trailing his hand across Watson's shoulders, standing chest to chest... just to name a few. And all the awkward silences when the topic of separation comes up.
    • There's also Holmes falling asleep against Watson's back, them arguing about who owns what ("our dog" vs. "THE Dog") and Holmes inviting Watson out to his brother Mycroft's estate for essentially a "fix our marriage with a weekend getaway" trip.
      • The "want to go to the opera?" scene. That was totally a date.
    • "My tongue will be completely useless to you, Watson." "Worse things could happen."
    • Speaking of Holmes lines begging to be taken out of context: "Be gentle with me, Watson."
    • Holmes: (takes off Watson's belt) Don't get excited.
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    • Not to disregard this particular quote:
      Holmes: (illustrating a point) Take Watson.
      Mary: I intend to.
      Holmes: (unhappy "bitch plz" laugh)
    • And let's not forget Holmes's habit of stealing and wearing Watson's clothes....
    • Pointed out in the Sherlock Holmes in 5 seconds. video.
      "This movie's a decent yaoi fanfiction."
    • There's some subtle Fridge Brilliance Ho Yay in the scene in the attic. Holmes and Watson share an awkward moment of reconciliation. There's a long drawn out pause. After the scene cuts, Holmes has changed his clothes.
      • Alternatively, Holmes may have taken off his overshirt because it's rumpled and gross.
    • At one point Holmes and Watson call each other "Old Cock" and "Mother Hen" respectively.
  • Often going unnoticed, but the decor in Watson's office at Baker Street very prominently features a lot of Classical Greek-esque statues of near-naked men in interesting poses.note  Which is maybe justifiable because he's a doctor, but it's worth noting that they're all male and seem to favour a highly idealised (as opposed to clinical, like you might expect) portrait of the male anatomy. It's almost like the film's crew were actively trying to fuel some kind of speculation...?
  • It's notable that the Orphaned Punchline to the joke Holmes tells in prison is "So the barman says, 'May I push in your stool?'.
  • The diamond ring Mary, Watson's fiancee, is wearing at the end of the film, given to her by Holmes to replace the one he dropped earlier. The implication is that its made from the jewel Holmes took from Irene Adler — so does this mean that symbolically all four characters are married now?
  • The part where Blackwood and Holmes are talking right before the former's execution. Blackwood is right behind Holmes, whispering in his ear when he says, "I need you.' Or something along those lines.
  • Don't forget how Lord Coward seems to worship Blackwood. Anytime Blackwood speaks, Coward is certain to be looking adoringly at him.
  • According to the trailers, sequel will be taking Ho Yay Up to Eleven. The second trailer is particularly slashy.
    • And it does not disappoint. Between Holmes's obvious unhappiness at Watson's wedding, to the entire sequence on the train to Paris (but especially after Mary gets thrown from the train), to them slow dancing before the climax... Up to Eleven is putting it mildly.
  • There is a certain behind the scenes video that shows Ritchie asking Law and Downey to 'please stop queening it up' here.

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