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Nightmare Fuel / Saw 3D

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  • The opening Public Execution Trap involves a public death inside a reinforced glass box. When both Brad and Ryan finally put aside their differences and refuse to kill each other after realizing she was cheating on both men, never loved either and had them commit crimes for her, on top of just accidentally revealing she was only supporting whoever was winning at the time — a restrained Dina is slowly lowered into a huge circular saw and bifurcated at the waist. Complete with her throwing up blood and her entrails spilling out as she slowly endures an agonizing death in full view of a horrified crowd. Even Brad and Ryan themselves have to look away in absolute horror as it happens.
    Dina: (panics as she realizes what they're about to do) WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES?!
    Brad: (furiously) I think we're breaking up with you, Dina.
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  • The Horsepower Trap. A trap so brutal that it could not be included in any Saw film until this one. The end result of said trap is that a woman tied down with barbed wire has her head ground to a bloody pulp under the wheels of a car, a man has his arms and jaw ripped off by chains, another man is hit by the same car and the man in the front seat is sent flying through the windshield when the car crashes; and since he was glued into the seat, this causes a huge chunk of his skin to be ripped off.
  • The death of Alex, the abusive ex-boyfriend. We don't see him get mowed to pieces (and yes, he was an asshole), but the blood spraying all over the place can give you that impression.
  • The Silence Circle involves Bobby's publicist being strapped to a chair. To get her out, he has to pull a fish hook with the key to release her out of her stomach and up through her mouth before the four spikes surrounding her move in to stab her throat. Worse yet, the trap is set up so that when the volume level in the room rises "above a whisper", as the tape puts it, the spikes will speed up. When the fish hook is pulled through her body, she has to try and avoid screaming, but the pain is too great for her to manage that. Bobby does manage to pull the fish hook out of her (along with a piece of her stomach) but is not able to release her in time before all four spikes stab her in the throat at once. And then Bobby blames her by yelling "Why wouldn't you just shut the fuck up?!"
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  • The Impalement Wheel. Imagine being strapped to a table that slowly raises you towards three sharp metal rods that will impale you through your eyes and mouth, utterly unable to do anything about it, except trusting your friend to use a weight-lifting machine nearby long enough to stop the rotation, which will have spikes piercing his ribcage every time he does it. As a cherry on top the friend fails, and the audience gets to see what happens when the trap kills its victim! For those fortunate enough to see it in theaters, the 3D makes it worse. And also, this happens incredibly slowly, so you have to watch as the rods come closer and closer to your face, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
  • The death of Joyce (pictured). After Bobby fails his final test, we're shown — in full detail — her being roasted alive inside a brazen bull-like contraption. The worst part is not only was the trap intentionally designed so that it would fail no matter what, but she never did anything remotely wrong! She herself even encouraged people to live to the fullest, fitting in exactly with Jigsaw's philosophies. Her only arguable crime was being lied to by her husband, and she still suffered one of the most agonizing, arduous and disturbing deaths in the whole franchise.
  • Jill's death, where we actually get to see the Reverse Bear Trap kill someone. Also, if you look closely, right before Hoffman says "Game over" and leaves, as her head slumps over you can see her tongue fall into her lap.
  • The ending. Lawrence locks Hoffman in the same bathroom he and Adam were trapped in for their test. True, Hoffman sure as shit had it coming, but damn. All he's gonna do in there is scream and starve/dehydrate to death.


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