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  • Dina's gruesome but entirely deserved Karmic Death at the hands of Brad and Ryan in the Public Execution Trap. After accidentally revealing that she didn't actually love eitheronly supporting the one who was winning at the time — and was playing them against each other and forcing them to commit crimes for her benefit the whole time, the two men both realize she's not worth it, put aside their differences and refuse to kill each other, leaving Dina herself to be slowly cut in half by an enormous circular saw.
    Ryan: (after scarring Brad across the chest) You love him?!
    Dina: No, I didn't say that! I always loved you! Do it for me, please. You gotta kill him! Kill Brad! DO IT!
    Ryan: (realises she's playing them both) You lying SLUT!
    (Ryan pulls his saw back, aiming the middle one at Dina. She catches on to what he's trying to do)
    Ryan: You don't love anybody, you cheat and liar! Fuck you! FUCK YOU! (turns to Brad) Brad! Brad, look at me! Is the chick that fucked me in your bed two days ago worth one of our lives? Not worth it, man. She's not worth it. Right?!
    (Brad glances up at Dina, then to Ryan, and agrees after some hesitation)
    Brad: YEAH! (the two men stop fighting and push the saw back into the middle, leaving Dina to her fate)
    (time runs out, and Dina is slowly lowered into and graphically torn in half by the middle saw)
  • Say what you will about Hoffman, but you have to admit that his whole plan to break into a police station using the Bodybag Trick just to kill Jill Tuck was very clever... And better yet, it worked.
    • Him managing to survive the Reverse Bear Trap by slamming himself into the door.
  • Finally seeing the Reverse Bear Trap kill someone. Sick, but cool nonetheless.
  • Simone, the survivor of the Pound of Flesh from the beginning of Saw VI, attends a Jigsaw Survivor Group meeting in this movie. While the other survivors talk on about how grateful they are for having gone through their tests and what a great method Jigsaw employs, Simone rightly points out that Jigsaw’s methods are unforgivably fucked up, with nothing detracting from her point; even when one of the survivors, Sidney, claims that her life's improved due to Jigsaw helping her escape an abusive relationship (i.e. putting her in a contest where she was forced to kick her ex-boyfriend Alex into a room full of rotating lawnmower blades), she calls her out for how that shouldn’t have been treated as how it had to be.
    Simone: He had to die for you to leave him!?
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  • Throughout the film, Gibson is relentless in bringing Hoffman down. He figures out the clues, accompanies the SWAT Team to the site of the latest game, and leads the attempt to capture Hoffman himself. Hoffman may have outplayed him, but he only did so by taking advantage of Gibson's courage and determination.
  • Opinions may vary on whether or not the film was all that good, it had one of the best endings of the series. Lawrence Gordon, who we last saw 6 years ago in the first movie, returns and finally gives Hoffman, the cold-hearted sociopathic bastard, his just desserts by chaining him by the ankle in the bathroom he himself was first trapped in. As you hear Hoffman scream his F-U's, Lawrence calmly states "Game over", and locks the door behind him. Ass Pull maybe, but it was still goddamn awesome.
    • Another bit from that scene; Dr. Gordon picks up the saw he used to cut off his own foot, and after a brief flashback of that moment, he just smirks at Hoffman and says, "I don't think so." He then throws the saw out into the hallway. Hoffman didn't give his victims a chance in his traps, so Dr. Gordon isn't giving him a chance, either.
    • Hoffman himself immediately going for said saw, showing that he is indeed an individual with "the will to live", as John Kramer put it.


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