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Nightmare Fuel / Saw

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Think of it like a reverse bear trap...

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • At the end of the film, after The Reveal, John, the Jigsaw Killer limps away from a terrified Adam to the industrial door, repeating the congratulations he gave Amanda. "Some people are so ungrateful to be alive... but not you. Not anymore." It sounds like he's speaking to the audience. That he slams the door shut with a grim "Game over!" just adds to the creep factor.
  • Adam's screams as John slams the door shut are blood-curdling. They were so horrifying that James Wan, the director and Leigh Whannell's (who played Adam) best friend, had to leave the room because he was so upset and was close to crying.
  • The Razor Wire Maze. The cops on the scene noted that the wires cut so deep into the victim, that traces of stomach acid were found.
  • Tapp's mental instability, as well as his obsession with Lawrence, is pretty creepy if you think about it. This is a former detective, a man who has the resources and training of law enforcement, and he's delusional and absolutely obsessed with Lawrence, convinced that he's the reason his partner is dead. If Jigsaw's game hadn't happened, Tapp would have likely attempted to kill Lawrence himself.
  • The scenes with Zep in Lawrence's apartment, holding his family at gunpoint. Most people only talk about the traps and the games, but that scene is absolutely terrifying, especially if you have a family. Lawrence can do NOTHING to protect his family and, for all intents and purposes, thinks that they're going to die.
    • Particularly painful in that Allison and Diana both display more distress when their captor is paying attention to the other than to them. Not only is Allison terrified for her daughter's safety, but little Diana is every bit as afraid for her mother's.
  • The parking garage. Seeing Jigsaw silently crawl out of the back of Lawrence's car is fucking horrifying.
  • Lawrence sawing his foot off. What makes it worse was that his head was rational and clear enough to wrap his leg with his shirt to cut off circulation and to bite on the cloth to withstand the pain. However, he wasn't rational enough to heed about three characters' statements that the game was over and nothing could be done anymore. (And, as so many fans have pointed out, to try to use his shirt to reach the phone.)
  • The ending, when Adam thinks he's killed Jigsaw, only to find that the man he killed also has a cassette player. Then while he plays it, and that awful music starts up, the corpse that was in the bathroom during the movie gets up. The piece of brain on the side of his head falls off, revealing it to be fake. He turns, looks down at Adam...and we realize we're looking at the real Jigsaw. He was in there with them the entire time.
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  • The Flammable Jelly trap, as it's easily the most Sisyphean. You'd practically have to enter the combination twice over to get it from start to finish, all while being extra careful not to get the candle anywhere near your body or the wall.
  • Adam’s flashback to his capture: he falls asleep in his apartment, and when he wakes up, the power’s gone out. He picks up his camera and uses the flash to make his way through the pitch-black apartment, eventually getting startled when something giggles demonically behind him - a creepy-as-hell puppet someone’s left on his chair. After taking a baseball bat to it, he walks over to the closet, opens it, and activates the flash... The entire scene is extremely tense, with no music and barely any sound. Every time Adam takes a photo you expect the flash to reveal something horrible... and then it does, when he gets ambushed by a terrifying figure (later revealed to be Amanda) in a pig mask.
  • The Reverse Bear Trap (pictured). Even though Amanda escapes the trap, it's still disturbing. If the reverse bear trap had activated, then her mouth would have been permanently ripped open (as Jigsaw puts it himself).


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