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Nightmare Fuel / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 2

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    The Return of Harmony: Part 1 
  • Discord has some unsettling elements to his character.
  • A major part of it all is Discord's Faux Affably Evil personality. It's just so disturbing. He loves what he's doing to them. He loves performing Mind Rape on the mane cast and he didn't even need to do the mundane version; as he showed with Fluttershy, he could've skipped straight to the instant supernatural kind. He did it because he wanted to. No wonder Celestia and Luna imprisoned him in stone for eternity!

    The Return of Harmony: Part 2 
  • The World of Chaos Ponyville becomes while under Discord's rule- soap roads; floating, upside down buildings; odd gravity in general; rapid switching between day and night; strange animals; cotton candy clouds raining chocolate milk; a checkerboard ground; false buldings; and many crazed ponies acting very unlike themselves. And that's only a small taste of his power, "the first changes". One wonders what it looked like 1000 years ago...
  • Last episode we got to see the Mane 6 get brainwashed by Discord. But in this episode we get to see the results.
    • After fighting with her friends and failing to use the Elements against Discord, Twilight is broken. She turns grey like the others, and gives up on friendship entirely.

    Lesson Zero 
  • The main thing with this episode is Twilight's huge Sanity Slippage.
    • We saw a glimpse of it in previous episodes (the biggest perhaps being Swarm of the Century, where she ordered the citizens to rebuild Ponyville off to the side, with only seconds before the Princess arrives), yet here it is the entire purpose to the episode!
    • She starts hallucinating at one point. She looks at three fillies jumping rope and sees them as shadows laughing at her, with a hellish landscape behind them. It's also the main MLP Nightmare Fuel page image.
  • Towards the end, where Twilight tries to create a problem, she becomes increasingly frantic and unhinged.
    • Her crazy faces reach the level of Ren Hoek. At one point, she wears a bird nest on her head, which in itself doesn't sound so bad, until you see it (top tier, second left in the collage above) and realise where Twilight's horn is supposed to be at the moment.
    • Clock is ticking, Twilight. Clock. Is. Ticking!
    • Then she approaches the CMC...
    Twilight: HI GURRRRRLS!

    Luna Eclipsed 
  • Luna brings all the fake spiders in a bowl to life. For arachnophobes, this is the scariest part of the episode.

    May The Best Pet Win! 
  • While the Mix-and-Match Critters of the pets in Rainbow Dash's dream aren't that scary and are actually kind of cute, having Opal coming out of its mouth is truly frightening.

    Hearth's Warming Eve 
  • The Windigos. Ghostly horses that feed off of negative feelings and distrust. The blizzard they caused further fueled the emotions that fed them. Close to the end of the episode, their cold became so intense that it froze the leaders of the three tribes alive, right where they stood. A later episode reveals that the Windigos are still around, ready to bring eternal winter to Equestria should the ponies stop celebrating Hearth's Warming Eve.

    Putting Your Hoof Down 
  • Assertive Fluttershy can be unsettling in how disparate her behaviour is from her normal self.
  • New!Fluttershy screaming "NOPONY!!!" at the end of her town rant. It's frightening to watch Fluttershy be so angry. To make matters worse, she wasn't even brainwashed into acting this way; her behaviour was entirely her choice! It makes you wonder just how much hidden vitriol she has deep inside her.

    Hurricane Fluttershy 

    A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 
  • Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling minions. Not only do they look scary (Chrysalis and the other Changelings even have gaping holes in their legs), they can turn into the ones you love most.
  • The ending of the first half. Specifically, the last scene, where Cadence reveals herself to be Chrysalis and imprisons Twilight, right after having discredited her to her friends.
    Twilight: I'm sorry.
    Chrysalis!Cadance: You will be.
  • Shining Armor's verbal smackdown of Twilight can also be pretty scary, especially to those to have been scolded by a parent or older sibling when they were younger.

    A Canterlot Wedding Part 2 


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