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Tear Jerker / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 2

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    The Return of Harmony, Part 1 
  • By the end of the first episode, Discord has broken the mane cast. Dramatic Irony makes it even worse; we know what he's up to, but the characters don't. We're forced to watch helplessly as the characters we've learned to love over the past season are subjected to Mind Rape and left psychologically broken.
    • Special mention goes to Pinkie Pie for how viciously Discord deals with her. Before her one-on-one meeting with Discord, she is happily trying to make the best of a bad situation and at times even enjoying herself. Afterwards, she spits out the word "happy" like there is nothing she hates more and is angry at the very idea that anyone is laughing in her presence.
    • Pinkie's scene can that much more tearjerking after watching episodes like Party for one, sure it's disturbing how she snaps. But on the other end, it hints that underneath all her weird and wacky antics. Pinkie might actually be deeply depressed. Which really makes you want to hug her.
    • Discord's dealings with Fluttershy. She resists Discord's little games at first and it looks like Discord has failed with her... but then he just ragequits and breaks her anyway.
    • Also there's the scene right after Fluttershy is brainwashed. She mocks Twilight, makes fun of her about not having her horn, slaps Twilight with her tail, and then walks away with an evil smirk on her face. The expression Twilight makes as Fluttershy walks away is just heartbreaking.
    • The way Rainbow Dash is broken. "Cloudsdale... Crumbles... Without me..." Made even worse when you realize it's not just that her hometown is at risk of being destroyed. She's pretty much being forced to choose between helping her friends out of a life or death situation or saving her hometown from destruction. She has to choose rather to betray her friends or watch her hometown be destroyed and there's no viable third option in sight. And after what happened to Fluttershy, we know it doesn't matter if she finds one anyway, Discord will just Mind Rape her if she does. Dash is also the Element of Loyalty. It's not just the choice—it's that no matter what she does, she's betraying someone's trust.
    • Discord opens a path to Twilight' friends seconds after they've been broken by him, supposedly for the sole purpose of letting her see what he's done. She has to see her friends turn upon her one by one, becoming twisted inversions of the ones she's known and loved for over a year. Discord could do the same to her, with a Breaking Speech or outright Mind Manipulation like Fluttershy, but it seems he finds it more "fun" to twist the knife and let her suffer... and finally break all on her own.
  • On a completely different note, the reveal that Celestia and Luna once wielded the Elements Of Harmony together against Discord, proving they were really close back then... only for Luna to turn into Nightmare Moon and force Celestia to use them against her.
  • It's played for laughs, but the fact remains that Fluttershy isn't bothered by the suggestion that her friends look down on her because she already assumes that they do - and she doesn't hold it against them, because she sees no reason why they shouldn't and is just grateful that they put up with her in spite of her uselessness. If Fluttershy was being sincere, then her self-esteem is incredibly lacking. Seriously, that mare needs a hug in the worst possible way.

    The Return of Harmony, Part 2 
  • Twilight having to deal with all her "Discorded" friends. Again, having to watch the friends Twilight has known and loved throughout the last season become Jerkasses is really heartbreaking. And if that wasn't enough when they finally try to use the elements on Discord, it fails, and when everyone leaves Twilight sheds a tear that forms a broken heart as she too loses her colors.
    Twilight Sparkle: Fine, leave! See if I care! With friends like you, who needs... enemies?
  • The part where they're all in the library and the "discorded" five are bullying Twilight.
  • Manly Tears were shed when Twilight reread the letters she had sent to the princess about the valuable lessons she learned from her friends].
  • Twilight wandering the twisted Ponyvile after succumbing to her Heroic BSoD, literally the only pony in the entire town that hasn't been driven mad by Discord. Seeing The Hero so broken and alone despite being surrounded by those she could normally turn to for's honestly one of the most heartbreaking things in the entire series.
  • With the ending's homage to Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope, Manly Tears were shed.
  • The pain Spike endures returning Twilight's letters en masse is heartbreaking, especially in the circumstances. He's literally bedridden from it and is still sending them against his will, experiencing pain each time and his Cool Big Sis/Parental Substitute figure is almost too busy to notice... and the most heartwrenching part is that nobody had any choice in the matter, as the world would have been doomed if they did things any other way.
  • The speechless, horrified look on Twilight's face when Discord reveals to her that the maze was a wild goose chase. Even more so when you realize why she would have such a look. Going into the maze was her idea. She knows something happened to her friends in the maze...and Discord is pretty much rubbing it in her face that it was her fault.
  • The vision Applejack saw back in the last episode before Discord worked his magic, ends up actually coming true here, with the Mane 6 splitting... heartbreaking.

    Lesson Zero 
  • It's initially more creepy than sad, but a lot of Twilight Sparkle's breakdown counts—the bit where she thinks Celestia will disown her for being tardy, the way she seems to view her Smartypants doll as something worthy of losing/fighting a friend over, and especially her mistaking a random bunch of laughing fillies as maliciously mocking her with horrible grins on their faces. It gets worse when you realize most of her visions involve being sent back to Canterlot away from her friends. Her Sanity Slippage makes a lot more sense, and is a lot sadder, when you realize she's probably terrified of losing her friends. Also, consider how a socially awkward pony like her would have been treated in school, especially given that she's gifted enough in magic to stand out from the crowd? Her nightmare vision of being sent back includes being laughed at by the other fillies, what if she's not imagining that, but is re-living it from memory?
  • When Celestia appears amidst the chaos at sundown and pulls a Full-Name Ultimatum complete with an ominous echo. Especially since right after this, Twilight's comedic insanity is replaced by solemn, lucid defeat, quietly saying goodbye to all her friends.
  • The sheer fact that Twilight's friends pull an epic Big Damn Heroes moment to save Twilight from being possibly punished by Princess Celestia moved many fans. Considering that they are willing to defy their ruler (a Physical Goddess) to protect their friend shows how powerful their friendship has become all this time. Pinkie Pie nuzzling Twilight really hits home in this scenario. Twilight hugging Spike in the end also makes this moment powerful.
  • Spike's concern over Twilight, though snarky and comical at first, becomes rather poignant later on. Especially as he nervously watches Celestia confronting Twilight behind a bookshelf. He quickly attempts to keep out Twilight's vision after the princess informs her that it was him that asked for her to come, likely nervous about interfering with Twilight's personal conflict, however she quickly corrects this without words, and just grabs and hugs him, complete with Puppy-Dog Eyes.

    Luna Eclipsed 
  • Luna's final "How... about now?" at last spoken at a normal volume certainly tugs at some heartstrings. Without the extremely hammy voice, Luna simply sounds so young and even vulnerable, briefly showcasing how unsure she is in this episode.
  • The moment when Luna recognizes Twilight Sparkle. The memory of being saved by Twilight obviously had not left her (even if she has trouble getting across that she still thinks it a good thing). A case of Harsher in Hindsight occurs when Luna recognises Twilight's costume as Star Swirl the Bearded and looks sad afterwards. 5 seasons onward, we learn that Star Swirl was actually Luna's mentor when she was young and that one day, he vanished without warning, never to be seen again. Seeing Twilight dressed as a pony she was quite close to, who left with no farewell, must not have been a good feeling.
  • Seeing Luna all gloomy at the fact that everyone is so scared of her when all she really wants is to make friends is really sad. When she speaks near the end, asking Twilight to leave her alone in her sadness, you can practically hear her on the verge of tears. Especially if you remember one of the things that turned her into Nightmare Moon in the first place. Not only is she being rejected now, but one of the reasons she became Nightmare Moon was also that the citizens of Equestria hid and slept during the night while they played during the day. She makes her first public appearance since her restoration, likely out of curiosity that the ponies appear to be having fun during a nighttime celebration, only to discover that the holiday is celebrating her defeat and portraying her as a monster who wants to devour her subjects. As Luna herself declares when canceling it for the future, Nightmare Night is a complete slap in the face to her. Remember that horses only need to sleep for 2 hours in a day (unlike humans who need 6-16 hours of sleep) and thus, even if they chose to sleep during Luna's night, they'd still had plenty of time to enjoy the night. No, they didn't, instead, they slept throughout the entire night. And when she grew jealous of Celestia due to this (getting banished to the moon as a result) her subjects celebrated this defeat and worsens her image with the Nightmare Night celebration. This isn't just a slap in the face to her; it's an ungrateful, disrespecting, agonizing kick to the head.
    "It is of no use, Twilight Sparkle. They have never liked us. And they never shall."
  • The entirety of her early interaction with the crowd, the severe social awkwardness, the reaction of the crowd (afraid, creeped-out, etc.), and her difficulty understanding their reactions is something all-to-familiar to anyone who grew up on the autistic spectrum. The point where she effectively has a meltdown and runs off nearly crying hits home to not draw a few tears.
  • The shattered reactions to Luna getting fed up with being treated like crap and canceling Nightmare Night, especially that one filly who sobs about wanting to be a zombie next year.
  • At the end where Pip nuzzles Princess Luna after he gives her some of his candy and calls her his "favorite princess". Happy tears. Definitely happy tears. The way Luna at first dismisses the ponies gives off a huffy "fine, I didn't really want to see you anyway!" vibe. Then Twilight follows her and finds her sitting in front of the Nightmare Moon statue, sadly offering a piece of candy. It's a small moment, but the expression on her face really does reveal how really Not So Above It All she was.

    Sisterhooves Social 
  • When Rarity sees the arts & crafts project Sweetie Belle made for her: a crayon drawing of them surrounded by a heart made of gems. Made worse by the fact that when Rarity first saw it she responded by shouting at Sweetie Belle for using the gems she had been saving, even claiming she wished she didn't even have a sister. Her My God, What Have I Done? moment when we finally see the picture is extremely powerful.
  • The hurt look on Sweetie Belle's face when Rarity rejects her offer to take part in the social, calling it uncouth. She almost isn't able to hold back her tears. Likewise, Rarity's pained expression when Sweetie Belle rejects her apology and continues to disown her. If you look closely during their first argument, it's obvious that both Sweetie Belle and Rarity are trying to hold back tears.
  • Poor Sweetie Belle is a Woobie throughout, since she just wants to make her sister happy, but Rarity doesn't realize her good intentions are more important than the messes she causes.

    The Cutie Pox 
  • The look on Applejack's face at what was happening to Apple Bloom for the first time. It looked like she was about to cry.
  • Apple Bloom's sadness after her failure at bowling, insisting that nothing will cheer her up, and wandering into the Everfree Forest.
  • Seeing Apple Bloom clearly in pain after chipping her tooth.

    May The Best Pet Win! 
  • Seeing the tortoise comes in last place in every competition, when he's so eager to get picked as Rainbow Dash's pet. And the falcon having to give up the race despite getting first place.
  • If Rainbow Dash getting one of her wings getting pinned down by a boulder won't get you, then her Single Tear at the thought of being trapped in the valley forever will. Same counts when she is wailing after thinking that there is no hope for her anymore.
    Rainbow Dash: I'm doomed. Doomed I tell ya! (cries silently)
  • At the start. Who hasn't felt left out because they didn't have something that all your friends did have? Especially when the way Pinkie described it unintentionally made it sound like they were deliberately trying to exclude Rainbow Dash.
  • Spike's reaction when it kicks in that Rainbow Dash was caught in the avalanche.

    The Mysterious Mare Do Well 
  • Even though Rainbow Dash was being taught a lesson by the Mare Do Well, aka The other Mane 5 there are times where you couldn't help but feel sorry for her, especially when she becomes so desperate for attention that she goes so far as to help Granny Smith cross the street when she didn't want it, to struggling to open a jar of peanut butter and mowing the grass.
  • At one point, the Mane Six are discussing the Mare Do Well (or rather, most of them are, while Dash is ignoring them), and soon the topic turns to Rainbow Dash. After Dash gets frustrated with Spike, who is misquoting everything she says while writing, the other five ponies start laughing. For at least a few seconds, it seems that Dash's friends are actually laughing at her and making fun of her. And, as we see later on, she really doesn't like being alone.
  • Sort of a Fridge Tear Jerker. Rainbow Dash resorts to confronting the Mysterious Mare Do Well and exposing her identity in front of the entire town. And then when she runs Dash chases after her. Rainbow Dash would probably get a lot of grief for running the hero out of town, and considering her friends weren't helping her through her depression, and Ponyville was annoyed with her, this was probably her breaking point. There's a good chance Rainbow Dash was aware of this, and if she was, that meant this experience was so painful for her that she felt she had nothing to lose by pursuing the Mare Do Well.
  • When Rainbow Dash said that she hates being alone, she sounds like she's about to cry.

    Sweet and Elite 
  • Rarity tearing up after Jet Set and Upper Crust mock her "country" origins.
  • The very end of Rarity's song when she returns to her suite is quite somber. She promises herself she would put Twilight's birthday dress as her first priority, yet she goes back to her suite in the middle of the night after days of attending high class events, exhausted, but determined to work on the nowhere-near-finished ensemble ... and just falls asleep standing there. And you can't feel angry at her in that moment because she realizes what a mistake she made.

    The Secret of My Excess 
  • Spike's look of total confusion when he first sees his presents. A big deal is made out of Twilight's Friendless Background, but you've got to wonder if he had any other friends either.
  • Spike giving away the Fire Ruby. Here he is, with an exceptionally rare gemstone he had been preparing for months, saving for his special day so he would have something to enjoy besides the book Twilight was going to inevitably give him. And when he finally gets this close, Rarity spots it and does a very bad job of hiding how badly she wants it. As nice as the feeling of being generous might have been, it had to have hurt when he thought about what (not) to expect on his birthday. This is neutralized by the kiss Spike gets from Rarity, which is something he's wanted even longer than the Fire Ruby, which turns this into Tears of Joy.
  • Twilight's expression when the Pony doctor is unable to diagnose anything about Spike's odd behavior is utterly crushing.
  • Near the end, when Spike and Rarity are falling after Spike returns to his normal size, Spike decides, in case they don't make it, to tell her he has a crush on her. But before he can finish his confession, Rarity, her eyes brimming with tears, simply puts a hoof to his mouth and smiles. She knew. She always knew.
  • Rarity's little speech to the monster before she realized who it was: it could ruin her clothes and steal things, but it was not getting the necklace because it was a gift from Spike. She may sometimes use his feelings to her advantage, and she may sometimes forget that she's meant to be the Element of Generosity but be damned, Rarity really gets it, when it counts.
  • Seeing Spike rampaging through town. Just imagine what Twilight was going through essentially seeing her little brother change (both physically and mentally) into a mindless monster that could hardly be recognized as the Spike she loves. And to make that thought even worse, remember the other example Twilight knew about of somepony having their younger sibling become a monster: Celestia and Nightmare Moon. And then remember how that conflict was first settled. Twilight was being confronted with a situation where she may have needed to do something similar to Spike to protect the town and friends she loved.
  • Also near the end of the episode, when Spike looks over the bridge at the destruction he caused, he comes across his adult-sized footprint and compares it to his claws. It then cuts briefly to Spike's Quivering Eyes, showing his remorse for what he had done. Poor little guy...Rarity makes it better, though.
  • The distraught look on Pinkie's face after Spike demolishes Sugar Cube Corner.

    Family Appreciation Day 
  • All of Granny Smith's quirks are cute and used for comic relief, but it's sad knowing that she's mostly that crazy because she's really getting old.
  • On the other hand, her story about the founding of Ponyville is perhaps a positive Tear Jerker.

    Baby Cakes 
  • Pinkie finally cracking under the pressure of taking care of the Cakes' twin babies and bursting into tears. And the look on her face beforehand, too. You can practically hear her screaming "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"] The twins' reaction to it too. You can tell they really feel sorry for it. Which makes sense, as she's been their playmate since they were born more or less.
  • The twins' first words "Pinkie" "Pie" count for this all on their own.
  • Fluttershy's refusal to babysit the Cakes' twins due to Angel wanting to go on a picnic. She repeatedly begs them not to be mad at her, showing that she really takes people being disappointed or mad at her very hard.
  • In a way, Pinkie's whole character arc is this, as she has to confront one of the downsides of her own hyperactive personality; the realization that others tend to view her as irresponsible, unreliable, and immature. Even though it's clear they don't blame her for it, it still hurts. And worst of all, she's worried that they may be right.

    Hearth's Warming Eve 
  • The leaders of the three tribes getting frozen solid, even if they brought it upon themselves, qualifies a small bit as this. They know they're about to die along with both their homeland and the new land they came to claim, and it's all their fault. Their second-in-commands, who just wanted peace and were willing to get along perfectly with each other, nearly receiving the same fate? Definitely this.
  • After the leaders are frozen, the advisers acknowledge that they could be friends as they are being frozen themselves, lean their heads together to be close to a friend as they accept what they probably are thinking are their last moments.

    The Last Roundup 
  • Everyone's heartbroken expressions when they think Applejack's not coming back to Ponyville. Made even worse when you remember the beginning of Applejack's Cutie Mark story from "The Cutie Mark Chronicles". In particular Big Macintosh starting to cry. This line is especially poignant when you consider that Applejack and Big Mac's parents are absent from the farm, and that she's the only grandparent still alive. This isn't the first time that the bushel's lost an apple.
    Granny Smith: "Our little bushel just lost one apple."
  • The entire conversation once the town gets Applejack's letter.
    Apple Bloom: Applejack's... not coming back?
    Rainbow Dash: What do you mean, Applejack's not coming back? She loves Ponyville.
    Granny Smith: And she loves Sweet Apple Acres.
    Apple Bloom: And she loves her family!
  • Fluttershy trying to convince Applejack to come home. Even Rainbow Dash starts to tear up at this.
    Fluttershy: "Applejack, we can always find a way to fix the hole in the roof. If you never came back, we could never find a way to fix the hole in our hearts."
  • The mailstallion who seemed so excited at the idea of everypony gathering for a surprise party for his birthday, only to have Twilight grab the letter and unceremoniously slam the door in his face without a word. Pinkie made it better though.
  • The dejected, defeated looks on the rest of the Mane 6's faces after nopony at the rodeo knew where Applejack was.
  • Applejack finally explaining why she didn't immediately return to Ponyville. She was so ashamed of not winning the rodeo and earning enough to fix town hall that she considered herself a complete failure who couldn't return until she made enough money to keep her promise. Hearing the sheer heartbreak in her voice when she says "Fine! Now you know!", it's clear not succeeding as she promised just devastated her.

    The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 
  • Applejack's growing anxiety over losing the farm, culminating in the Apple family losing, and somberly heading off to pack their bags. The entire town tears up and begins to have second thoughts at that last part. Heck, the whole Apple family in general when they're worried about the Flim Flam brothers. Apple Bloom's watery eyes in particular are especially heartwrenching to see. Even worse is when the brothers are declared the winners, Apple Bloom gives out a little "What-?" while staring up at her sister with big eyes.
    Applejack: "Go ahead, everypony. Go on, y'all. It's okay."
  • Pinkie Pie crying with Ocular Gushers during this sequence, since it's Played for Drama this time.
  • Rainbow Dash and the other townsponies not getting any cider. At first Rainbow Dash is being a bit too mean (like threatening to drink the cider drop by drop while Pinkie Pie watches) but later you start to sympathise. Even worse is that they only get a chance to drink the cider once a year so you can't blame them for being sad.

    Read It and Weep 
  • When Rainbow Dash is just waking up, you can see how worried her friends are about how she's feeling.
  • You can't help but pity Dash. She's the type of pony who loves to stay active. But being in a hospital prevents her from doing so. She doesn't know what to do with herself. She tries eating, telling jokes to her roommate (who can't even talk to her because of their bandages), and playing with the lights. This only lasts one minute!
  • When Rainbow Dash leaves the hospital. She finally finds something to do that she likes and then the doctor just pushes her out the door, leaving the only thing that gave her some pleasure behind. Also, how far she'll go to get the book back. Seeing her enjoy so much, and then watch her steal it, really shows how much it meant to her.
  • Rainbow Dash, genuinely scared that if her friends find out that she likes to read, they'll make fun of her.
  • The face that Rainbow Dash makes when she's acting sick to get back in the hospital to read that book was crushing. Especially the little whimper she makes when Caramel chides her.
    Caramel: I think I know what the problem is... A severe case of Lazy-itis!
  • When Rainbow Dash sneaks back into the hospital so she can get her book back, her bed is occupied by another sick pony. A sick pony who is entirely bald...

    Hearts and Hooves Day 
  • When the camera pans around the classroom at the beginning of the episode, there is a purple-maned unicorn filly who's hiding a Valentine behind her back. She moves as if she's going to give it to Twist or the roly-poly grey colt, but she finds the colt already hugging Twist because she gave him a card. She immediately drops her card and miserably puts her head on her desk. It's easy to miss, but it's heartwrenching once it's noticed.
  • Cheerilee's reaction when one of the CMC innocently asks why she doesn't have a "Special Somepony" in her life is a brief but extremely depressant scowl, which she quickly wipes off before they can see it. There's obviously a reason she's single, but she'd rather not get into it, and certainly not with young kids who don't have the full concept of adult relationships down yet. Anyone who's been in her situation for a long time, especially into adulthood, knows what she's feeling and can imagine the constant questioning she's gotten over and over again from curious gossipers and would-be matchmakers who keep reminding her of it. The way she quickly reverts to her friendly-teacher voice and assures the CMC she's happy just the way she is has "practiced response" written all over it. Even worse, it all takes place on her universe's analogue to Valentine's Day. However, it could get better if you realise some people actually don't mind being single and how it could not be a practiced response.
  • The CMC crashed a funeral, specifically to reject the Eulogist as a suitable boyfriend for Cheerilee. This might be one of the darkest Black Comedy Bursts in the show. Not only is it a slap in the face to him, but the deceased and his/her family as well.

    A Friend In Deed 
  • The scene where Cranky throws Pinkie Pie out of his house after she accidentally ruins his scrap book, and tells her that he "never, ever, ever, ever, ever" wants to be friends with her. Pinkie's response is both silly and sad at the same time.
    Pinkie Pie: That's four "ever"s. That's, like... (tears up) forever...
  • Cranky weeping over his ruined book, which has already been heavily implied to hold mementos of his lost love.
  • Poor Apple Bloom not getting to play with the other fillies in Pinkie's song — and reversed when Pinkie gets her to be part of the group.
  • Cranky and Matilda could have happily spent their whole lives together, but because of a stupid mix-up they only meet again in their twilight years. They can enjoy them but they lost a lot of time.

    Putting Your Hoof Down 
  • The episode starts with us seeing just how much crap other ponies give Fluttershy — especially considering her past with bullying and her Shrinking Violet nature.
  • After seeing an 'assertiveness seminar', sweet Fluttershy becomes a jerk every time she tries to be overly assertive.
  • The climax is New!Fluttershy ripping Rarity and Pinkie Pie apart with her "The Reason You Suck" Speech. You can see them tearing up as Fluttershy rips them apart, and it hurts to even watch. She's insulting the very things that define them. No wonder they ran away crying. The facial expressions make the entire scene hard to watch. Not only are Pinkie's and Rarity's sad expressions heartbreaking, but everything from their stunned expressions when Fluttershy first insults them to the cruel smile Fluttershy has on while she does it is perfect. Kudos to the artists and animators on this one. Fluttershy also viciously insulted Pinkie's intelligence, done for no other reason than Pinkie being concerned about how Fluttershy was acting, and calling Rarity 'petty' when she was just defending Pinkie. This all comes from someone they consider a dear friend. Rarity's reaction to this first insult is to turn away and weep silently into her hoof. It might be somewhat better or far, far worse when (ignoring phrasing) everything she said was true... At least from the standpoint of parties and clothing being things a pony could live their entire life without.
    New!Fluttershy: "I can't believe that the two most frivolous ponies in Ponyville are trying to tell New!Fluttershy how to live her life when they are throwing their own lives away on pointless pursuits that nopony else gives a flying feather about!"
  • Fluttershy realizing what she's become after said speech really cranks up her Woobie status on top of that. There's even a sad version of her trademark Squee! sound when she frowned.
    Fluttershy: I'm the monster.
  • Fluttershy's response is to lock herself in her house, then have herself tied up to a chair. When Pinkie Pie and Rarity came back in at attempt to reconcile, Fluttershy shoos off her friends, wanting to keep 'Nasty Fluttershy' from hurting her friends. She thinks that she is too far gone. Though she spoke of 'Nasty Fluttershy' as a separate entity, she knows that she is the only one responsible of her own actions.
    Fluttershy: Everypony will be a lot safer with me and my mean mouth locked away.

    Dragon Quest 
  • Spike's crying because he has no idea about his origins. He sounds heartbroken when he pleads to Twilight to tell him anything she knows about who really is and wondering if dragons can cry, even while he's doing it.
  • The extended sequence of the teenage dragons bullying Spike. It's portrayed in a disturbingly realistic fashion and they pick up on the thing that Spike is most insecure about at the time.
  • The teenage dragons steal phoenix eggs, and smash them. Imagine being the parents of those dead eggs.
  • It was very upsetting to see Rainbow Dash tease poor Spike about being a "lame dragon". Heck, if it wasn't for her teasing him, he wouldn't have felt so out of place.
  • When Spike says he wouldn't mind living with the other dragons forever, just the look and reaction on the ponies' faces, are pretty tearjerking. Especially since they are blaming each other for him wanting to stay, and looking like they're about to cry while doing it.
  • This whole episode can count as one. Spike breaks down into tears twice from not having any idea who he really is.
  • Spike's refusal to smash the phoenix egg, even at the risk of his own safety. "It's just an innocent, defenseless egg... like I was!" This isn't just a moral stand he's taking here (although it's that too); he's actively identifying with the baby phoenix.
  • Spike photoshopping himself into the photo of Twilight's birthday party in Canterlot, to which he apparently wasn't invited. What makes it worse is that picture will underscore the fact that he wasn't there every time he realizes he has no memories of it. It's just a picture that he added himself to. [Fridge Brilliance Though the innocent explanation would be that he told her to go out and have a good time while he stayed behind and watched over the library.]] Only regretting this later upon realizing he missed out on something fun, which is still pretty sad.

    Hurricane Fluttershy 
  • Poor Fluttershy is shown crying under a tree, and Angel is brushing her mane. Fortunately her animal friends are shown helping her. What led to it is Rainbow Dash asking if she's really going to let her past of being teased push her away from the job. Fluttershy turns around, reveals that she's full-on weeping, and screams "YES!" in the most believable and saddening way possible. It's the first time in the series that Fluttershy's shyness is played seriously.
  • Prior to that, we have to watch her suffer through what would, in real life, resemble a panic attack.
  • Rainbow Dash was really looking forward to beating Fillydelphia's record. You can't help but feel disappointed that she had to abandon that goal.
  • The flashback to Fluttershy at flight camp. Seeing all of those foals laughing at Fluttershy makes you want to hug the poor thing.
  • After training her flank off to increase her wing power, Fluttershy does what appears to be a perfect run...only to end up at only 2.3. She's devastated to find out that all her training didn't get her to even half that of the other Pegasi. Rainbow Dash's reaction to it also counts, as she's at a loss of as to how to help her friend. The Element of Loyalty can't help her best friend. If you think about it, it's sad for both Pegasi — Fluttershy asks Rainbow Dash how she'd feel if her flying skills were so weak, and Rainbow Dash doesn't have an answer. Considering just how important winning is for Rainbow Dash, that very idea is the worst thing Rainbow Dash could think of happening to her. Her natural talent and obsession with being the best means she has no idea what Fluttershy is going through, and it's always upsetting when you can't fully identify with a friend, no matter how much you may want to.
  • The entire sequence of the first hurricane failing is a notable example and especially for Rainbow Dash. RD is, all of a sudden, leading a doomed effort right in front of her lifelong hero. When the whole thing falls apart... She has crashed and failed. Again.
  • Rainbow Dash's expression when she realizes that her constant inability to keep from sounding condescending to Fluttershy caused her to run away crying; you could tell by the way she kicked her hind legs and snorted angrily that she was upset at herself for not taking Fluttershy's feelings into account when she verbally berated her for quitting, sad that her brusque nature made her best friend cry, and possibly realizing that she just can't relate to ponies who don't athletically measure up to her, no matter how hard they may try.

    Ponyville Confidential 
  • The CMC all throughout the entire second half of the episode. They know full well what they are doing is wrong, but go through with it only because Diamond Tiara is urging them to. When they finally decide they've had enough, Diamond Tiara forces them to stay through Blackmail.] The conflict in this episode is presented in a heavier, darker fashion than is typical of this show. The fact that they can't get anyone to talk to them (some won't even look at them) makes the viewer realize what a heavy cross they had to bear for their insensitivity. What makes it even worse is that while it was indeed a heavy cross for them to bear, nopony even gives them a chance to explain themselves, even if they weren't gonna do it in the first place. Just put yourself in the CMCs position and realize how unacceptable this reaction must be for you.
  • The entire town shunning the CMC after learning that they were Gabby Gums. Of particular note, Applejack is unwilling to speak to them and the normally quiet Big Macintosh voices their utter disappointment in them. The second most painful one to watch would be Rainbow Dash's reaction to the three. She pulls a cloud over their heads and makes it rain on them in anger. No wonder Spike was worried about impersonating her.
    Big Mac: You should be ashamed of yourself, humiliatin' your sister 'n' me like that. We don't wanna talk to any y'all right now, so take your little gossip column and your embarrassing photographs and just GO AWAY!
  • Watching the CMC try to get Rainbow Dash to read their open letter apology. They endured a lot of rain stomped out by an angry Rainbow Dash before she finally sees the paper.
  • The sequence where the CMC visits Fluttershy after they wrote the fake article about her. It made her cry so much that her tears have flooded the floor and are leaking under her door and trailing outside.
  • A Fridge Horror example here. The CMC decide to stay in their clubhouse until they can make things right... and are never shown sharing this plan with anyone else. Now, Applejack and Big Mac probably knew where they were, given the location of the clubhouse, but what about Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's families? Especially Sweetie's. Imagine it: your young daughter is currently shunned by most of the town and she hasn't come home at night. It goes further. Sweetie's parents' next logical step would be to contact Rarity and see if Sweetie was with her... and the last time Rarity saw her sister, they were fighting. Imagine how that would feel. The parents would probably just assume the CMC were at the clubhouse. They spend a lot of time there as it is. It's the group's meeting place. If the parents were concerned about the CMC, the first thing they'd do would be to take a walk down to the farm to see if the kids were there.

    A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1 
  • Who else wanted to hug Twilight when she started talking about her brother? It really hits home for anyone who has moved away from their loved ones (or had loved ones move away from them). It's part of life, but you still know what Twilight's singing about.
  • Girls with older brothers who they idolized as a kid and had to watch them go far away to university will know exactly how Twilight feels at the end of "B.B.B.F.F".
  • Who really wanted to hug Twilight after nopony believed her accusations about Cadance? Not her friends, not her mentor, and not even her brother stopped to listen to her side or offer a listening ear, instead giving her a verbal smackdown and cold looks. It's made all the worse about 2 minutes later, when it's revealed that Twilight was absolutely right to be suspicious of the faux princess. Shining Armor telling Twilight to forget about being best mare and not to even bother attending his wedding at all must have been like a dagger to the heart of poor Twilight. Princess Celestia's stern, ice-cold look on her face as she says"You have a ''lot'' to think about."
  • The little bit where Twilight sings about losing her brother and the tiny differently animated Twilight looks around frantically for the tiny Shining Armor. And then gets stepped on and shattered by Cadance, which foreshadows the fact that Twilight was correct.

    A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2 
  • The way everypony looked so bitter when Twilight initially crashes the wedding. They really took her outburst hard. Even Spike looks embarrassed. Of course, this is seconds before she is dramatically vindicated.
  • Their Jerkass Realization following this, with even Queen Chrysalis pointing this folly out to them in her gloating. Despite all the chaos ensuing, Applejack even feels the need to apologize to Twilight on behalf of everypony.
  • Cadance tiredly performing the sunshine-ladybugs dance and the broken smile she gives Twilight. She really looks like she's been through a rough time and now she's in mortal danger at the hooves of the mare she used to foalsit! She desperately hopes Twilight will believe/recognize her.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but while Cadance desperately pushes the minecart to try and make it move, there's a tiny second where she collapses from all the stress and just cries against the cart. Twilight picks up the slack quickly, but it's still sad, and would be a lot more gut-wrenching if she wasn't singing optimistically the entire time. The very end of the song, when Cadance briefly loses all hope of saving Shining Armor. Her eyes well up and she crumples to the ground. Making it even worse is that Cadance isn't worried about herself not getting to the wedding...she's worried for Shining Armor and how he'll be enslaved by imposter Cadance...
  • The thought of the poor girl imprisoned underground for who knows how long, knowing a monster was walking around disguised as her, sucking the life out of her beloved and there was nothing she could do about it.
  • Poor Celestia couldn't stop Queen Chrysalis. Even worse if you consider it karma for Celestia for not believing Twilight about the fake Cadance.
  • After the Mane Six fail to retrieve the Elements, Twilight frees Cadance and tells her to go to Shining Armor. What follows is a short, wordless sequence where Cadance, with a small hopeful smile, approaches Shining Armor...who stares back blankly with Mind-Control Eyes, not reacting to her presence at all. Cadance's smile turns into despair, her eyes well up, and she gently strokes her lover's face with her hoof before collapsing against him, holding him tight while softly crying. Give the producers credit, that sequence—about ten-seconds long—is absolutely heart-rending, and without any dialogue at all.
  • Cadance's own family is nowhere to be seen. Yes, Celestia and Luna consider her their niece, and her sister-in-law is like a real sister to her, but none of her blood relatives are in her wedding party... or even mentioned. Why didn't any of them come to her wedding?

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