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Nightmare Fuel / Monsters University

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Yes, this IS the same Mike that is from the first film.

It's a film about monsters still scaring children. What'd you expect again?
As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In the prologue, Mike's teacher's worries when she found out that Mike has followed the Scarer into the Human World.
  • The crash test dummy-esque child models used in the scare simulators. Although the tampered-with one was played for laughs, the screaming noise they make is quite loud, coupled with the the fact that they jerk up so suddenly. Also, the tampered-with model has been broken to the point that EVERY motion sets it off...
  • The extremely grotesque swelling from being simply touched by the poison urchins.
    • The results of the OK Fraternity when hit by them aren't pretty...
    • Though when Squishy swallows one, it's pretty funny.
  • The scene where Mike realizes that none of the human girls are scared by him and slowly come closer to him as he cowers in fear due to his belief that human children are deadly.
    • Props to the scene where Mike and Sulley successfully scare the adults. Definitely tops the "TOYS ARE ALIVE" scene from the first Toy Story.
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    • Sulley trying to escape from the humans chasing him, thinking he is a bear. The bit where he frantically tries and tries to get up the small cliff just puts that fear that he is feeling into you.
    • Extra props towards the filmmakers for managing to create legitimate tension in the human world scenes, despite the audience knowing from the first movie that humans aren't actually poisonous to monsters.
  • That librarian is possibly one of the most horrifying monsters in any of the movies.
  • Some of the scare tactics employed on the test dummies. Particularly the ones employed by Terri and Terry Perry, assuming a Slender Man-like shadow silhouette, and by Squishy, sneaking up behind and providing an unsettling Jump Scare with his creepy staring.
    • The Roar Omega Roar Fraternity's tactics aren't to scoff at either. Special mention goes to Johnny whose roar is comparable to Sulley's.
  • The members of Python Nu Kappa may seem like bubbly, cheerleader-esque girls, but at points in the film, they provide a Jump Scare by baring their fangs and making their eyes glow red. That reminds one of succubi… It is stated in the essential guide that the PNK girls are looking for jobs AT THE CREMATORIUM!!
  • When Sulley is practicing scare tactics and makes the jazz clown, it's truly unsettling.
    • And when Professor Knight was quizzing Mike on the different types of scaring techniques...imagine if a more frightening monster adopted those techniques...
      • Sulley is shown practicing one of them later, so there you go.
  • When Hardscrabble "tests" Sulley in the Scare Exams, she mentions that a wrong scream would mean more than toxicity from a child. If a parent learns about the existence of monsters, it would be the end of monster civilization. Being a Scarer just became a whole lot more terrifying, something along the lines of a nuclear technician having to operate the cooling rods by hand, every minute having to utilize a completely different strategy, and the slightest slipup could mean disaster.
  • Abigail Hardscrabble, the Dean of the School of Scaring. She looks like a centipede combined with a dragon...and one has to wonder how she would look like when she's scaring kids... Even Professor Knight, who states that he doesn't scare easily, has obvious fear on his face when Hardscrabble arrived.
  • The Eta Hiss Hiss Sorority (or better known as HSS in the film). Goth look, spikes and piercings...and apparently Abigail Hardscrabble was one of its members before she became the Dean of the School of Scaring. When their Sorority's name was announced in the Scare Games, the leader Rosie Levin, let out a hiss that was unsettling like a snake... Word of God states that Rosie Levin has a black belt in Chew-jitsu.
  • Just...this. This is the scene where Mike scares the scare test dummy. And it is, actually intimidating! This is perhaps the only time Mike Wazowski came off as actually SCARY! How scary? That's HIM in the image for this page.
    • The buildup to the Jump Scare also deserves mention. After baiting the animatronic child to wake up and scan the room and hearing Johnny's roar outside as he completes his round, He lays below the robot's line of sight, almost appearing to have last-second cold feet. As he closes his eye, he begins to have auditory flashbacks of every doubter who has ever discouraged him from being a scarer as he closed his eye, and when he opens his eye, everything just seems to stop. The cheers and jeers outside fall silent, the voices fade, and the music stops. THEN his lets out his Magnum Opus of a fright!
    • Even if Sulley didn't rig the test dummy, Mike would've actually scared it for sure and proved everyone wrong fair and square anyway.
  • Hardscrabble yelling at Squishy when he protests her deactivating the door Mike and Sulley are in. It's effective because it's the only time she raises her voice in the film.
    "I want this area cleared NOW!"
  • The whole setpiece Mike puts together to try and return home from the human world by scaring the cop squad into screaming. He makes some impressive use of Hell Is That Noise, Creepy Doll and Nothing Is Scarier, all of it topped off by a blue Shambler doing a Jump Scare right after they're tripped by a wire.
    • How effective was Mike at this scare? First he makes the cops believe there is a ghost in the room with them, moving things and playing music creepily, not that bad. Then comes the door and the doll, before he flips over the beds; making them think it is some sort of poltergeist, all the while scratches and gouges are appearing all around them. Whatever it is, it is in that room with them. These cops are being freaked out and their body language shows it, huddling back to back so they can see all angles; as well as them calling in backup. Then the big scare: something big drops down in front of them, they fall over from being tripped up, and this big horned demon of a monster roars at them. Mike may not have finished the scare, but it was all thanks to his setup that Sulley was able to finish them off. The irony is that the Nothing Is Scarier approach worked up until they needed the actual scream. Jump Scares and ghostly antics weren't going to cut it, they needed something truly frightening like Sulley getting in their faces.
  • A small one, but for anyone with a fear of spiders it's probably a huge one. When OK decides to go to Monsters Inc to get themselves some mojo for the final challenge, there's a really creepy monster that starts off as an adorable pink puffball, cutesy smile and all, only to turn into a truly horrifying spider not even a second later, complete with a Slasher Smile and ridiculously long legs.
    • Speaking of arachnophobia, Earl "The Terror" Thompson can be particularly unnerving, given that his face somewhat resembles that of a wolf spider's.