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Nightmare Fuel / Linkin Park

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This nu-metal band has some pretty creepy songs too.

  • "The Requiem" has part of the lyrics of "The Catalyst" (which are already very dark), but instead autotuned for extra creepiness. The lyrics are also delivered in a really low-key and subdued way, which makes it even creepier.
  • "The Radiance". The "lyrics" are the Real Life words of J. Robert Oppenheimer:

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  • "Wisdom, Justice, and Love" takes soundbites from one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches about how The Vietnam War is hell, and makes it even scarier by distorting him into a Voice of the Legion. It even repeats the last line two more times in utter silence for extra creepiness. Less a Madness Mantra than one of rare clarity.
  • Counting the videos, the one for "Final Masquerade" had so much cryptic symbollisms that it's both confusing and disturbing at the same time.
  • The video for "Waiting For The End" is driven by lots of visual effects. A lot of the effects are quite...unsettling.
  • The cover of the Xero demo tape features what can only be described as a Fetus Terrible with green skin and Black Eyes of Evil.
  • The highly creepy, Mood Whiplash music of "Nobody's Listening" from Meteora. It's not surprising that it was added to the album at the last minute.
  • The untitled hidden track on the Hybrid Theory EP would be unsettling even if it wasn't preceded by six minutes of static after "Part of Me".
    • It was belived to have been reworked into "Session" for Meteora (although Mike Shinoda denied it when asked on Twitch); the stuttering percussion and eerie piano backing give it an overall bleak feel, compounded by the noise at the end that sounds like a death rattle.
    • Also from the EP is "Carousel", which also combines this with Tear Jerker, due to sparse, creepy instrumentation and backing vocals that slowly begin to grow in aggression.
  • If we're going to be completely honest, the video for "One Step Closer" counts too.
    • The bridge to the song itself. Chester screaming, "Shut up when I'm talking to you!" could easily call to mind an abusive spouse or parent.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the song and accompanying music video for 'Papercut' qualifies. From the maggot riddled corpse occupying one of the rooms next to the group, to the dark figure that runs past them and is spazzing out in the next room, to the moving painting of the Fetus Terrible from the Xero demo tape, to the facial distortions near the end of the video, to those goddamn flannel pants Chester is wearing, it'll leave you with your skin...crawling for a while.
  • "Until It's Gone" wasn't exactly the most scariest of the band's songs.... but the album version's outro can be a bit nightmarish.
    • The music video, however, features quite a few disturbing imagery. One of them is a lovely shot of a man bleeding from his nose.


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