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  • This line in "Roads Untraveled": "May your love never end; and if you need a friend, there's a seat here alongside me...."
    • Which also felt appropriate and tear-jerking at the same time, when it was used in Need for Speed.
  • The song "Invisible" from One More Light is from the perspective of a father whose children are growing up. In other words, this is Shinoda—the songwriter and a father himself—telling his children that as they grow older, he will say things to them that they may not like; but he says them because he cares, not because he wants to hurt their feelings.
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  • Vocalist Mike Shinoda has called his bandmates his "five best friends", and bassist Phoenix referred to the guys as his "brothers". No wonder the band has been together for 12 years. It's impossible to imagine what Chester's suicide must have done to them.
  • Chester revealed in a Scuzz TV interview that while recording Hybrid Theory, record execs wanted to get rid of Mike and just make Chester the frontman. Producer Don Gilmore took him aside, explained the situation, and asked Chester how he felt about it. Chester outright refused because he knew if the execs fired Mike (not just the emcee but the band's primary songwriter and producer), the rest of the band would be walking out the door alongside him.
  • After Chester's death, the band changed their Facebook and Twitter banners and icons to photos of him.
  • The sheer outpouring of love and support for Chester, his family and his five best friends after his death from musicians, fans and even casual admirers. To say nothing of the millennials who all came out in droves to say how much his music helped them cope with their own depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as using his tragedy to encourage people with similar problems not to be afraid to get help.
    • Chester's bandmates' final farewell letter to him following his death, especially that final line..: "Until we see you again."
    • Joe Hahn uploaded two pictures on his Instagram of Chester, stating he misses his friend. Sniff...
    • Then there was Mike's post. God, Mike's post, which was a picture of the band's earlier days and telling a story about how they had just met Chester.
    • Mike encouraging fans to show all their love to Chester is just heartwarming.
    • The video posted on September 7th of memorials from literally all around the world for Chester. Huge social gatherings or makeshift concerts all paying tribute to the late singer, all topped off with an instrumental version of 'One More Light.' It's as heartwarming as it is tearjerking.
  • The behind-the-scenes video for "Heavy" reveals that Chester and his double were not actually yelling abusive words at each other, but rather uplifting ones.
  • When people who go to their concerts get injured during the performance, the band will halt everything to make sure the injured get medical attention. Why? Because they care more about the people being safe more than the show.
    • Chester's motto: "When someone falls, what do you do?" "PICK THEM UP!"
      • The Motto's even become instilled in the fanbase, where they are now not only "picking up" the fans who are grieving or even struggle with depression themselves, but to the same band that told them "picked them up". That's beauty right there.
    • During a 2013 concert in Sydney, Australia, a Linkin Park fan got injured during the performance—and Chester, who noticed, immediately halted the concert to make sure that fan got medical attention.
  • Linkin Park Reacts to Teens React to Linkin Park, in which Mike watches the Teens react to his band's music videos. He takes their reactions rather graciously, even regarding the "Heavy" music video. Overlaps with funny moments.
    • At one point, Mike states that he wants to send the Teens shirts. Come next video, he stays true to his word.
  • The music video for "One More Light" is this and a Tear Jerker: An entire tribute and remembrance to the band's fallen bandmate and brother, showing his humble and caring moments while performing with them. The video ends with a letter from Joe, Mike, Brad, Dave, and Rob to Chester and thanking him for his positive influence in their lives and that they'll miss him, all with the incomplete LP logo in the background.
  • Chester's wife Talinda became a vocal advocate on Twitter for suicide prevention in the wake of his death, playing a key role in holding the fan base together. Each time someone reached out to her expressing depressive and/or suicidal thoughts, she'd retweet them with a call to the 'LP family' to 'lift up' that person. The hashtag #fuckdepression, created in Chester's honour, went viral as a result.
    • She even added a new hashtag: #MakeChesterProud. Suffice to say, everyone's been following that motto.
  • When it came time for "Numb" in the Hollywood Bowl concert honoring Chester, the band left the song vocal-less. In response, the audience starts singing the song. In its entirety.
    • Also one for the absolute all star cast of rock and pop singers that came to help the band out, from people that had been stars longer like Alanis Morissette, Johnathan Davis and Gavin Rossdale, Chester's Dead By Sunrise bandmates, to people who were inspired by Linkin Park to start performing in the first place like Oliver Sykes.
    • When the band performed "In the End", who did Shinoda introduce as the important guest singer for the song? The audience, who all happily sang along Chester's parts.
  • The song "Leave Out All the Rest". Is Heartwarming in Hindsight considering the forgiveness the band's fans poured out after Chester's passing.
  • After Chester's suicide, Jay-Z took the time to pay tribute to his collaborator and friend by performing Numb/Encore both at the BBC Live Lounge, and at the 2017 V Festival, where he asked the audience to light up their phones to honor Chester.


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