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Nightmare Fuel / LOONA

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Bet you thought you saw the last of me.
  • Paired with Paranoia Fuel: The characters within the LOONAverse sometimes (often very suddenly) show that they're aware of the viewer watching them, and they don't seem to like it. The ODD EYE CIRCLE members abruptly stop smiling to stare unhappily at the viewer in "Girl Front"; YeoJin demands to know what you're looking at and Yves gives the camera a hard kick in "Why Not." A teaser for "So What" also promises LOONA fans around the globe that "it's known to attack humans.... I'm sure it will."
  • In context, the events of "Love Cherry Motion" are terrifying. Choerry is simply having fun vacationing with her friends when, upon plucking the cherry off a cake and eating it, she's knocked unconscious. She's transported to a dark room where she, Kim Lip, and JinSoul are shrouded in shadow as they dance, faces hidden. When she wakes up, she's in another location entirely, an abandoned, moss-covered building in the middle of nowhere. She's summoned with a mirror shining light in her eye, hinting that her behavior has been watched. She walks out into the woods to investigate, finds a bunch of mirrors, and her own reflection comes to life to give her another cherry. Another dark dance sequence ensues, after which the location has changed again. Nothing whatsoever is made of where Choerry went, or even if she's still unconscious, with HaSeul and YeoJin back on Jeju Island.
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  • The Odd Eye Circle "Reveal" trailer is a little bit unnerving due to the creepy music. Choerry's face when she turns around to reveal her glowing eye is, for some reason, excessively creepy, because of the difference in her behavior in "Love Cherry Motion" and the lighting.
  • "Heart Attack": "Heart Attack" is supposed to be endearing, comedic, and portrayed as a caricature that exaggerates Chuu's desire to be loved by Yves, but her actions to capture her attention can come off as voyeuristic and creepy in a different light.
    • Chuu is constantly trying to take photos of Yves, sometimes up close and sometimes from afar, a source of Paranoia Fuel to anyone who's experienced a stalker.
    • Chuu also tries to imitate Yves' fashion sense, dance routine, golfing scene, and apple-dropping from "new", as if she desires Yves' approval so much that she's willing to rewrite her own life to match.
    • Perhaps the most chilling part of the music video is the end. As if re-creating the Little Match Girl story, Chuu seems to see visions of things she desires, and one of the last shots is of her collapsed in the snow, unconscious...on Earth. HaSeul wakes her up.
  • "One&Only": The whole video is shot in a dark mansion and gives off a very haunting atmosphere, down to Go Won's Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette demeanor. The set is also very horror movie-esque; Go Won's enlarged shadow puppets, Elegant Gothic Lolita style outfits, and shadowy corridor scenes are probably the darkest (literally) artistic decisions made by the LOONA team so far.
    • In the interlude to the first chorus, there's a split-second shot of Choerry dressed in Elegant Gothic Lolita... except she's upside-down and holding a Tempting Apple, like a ghost.
    • When Go Won is singing against a wall, she looks like she's alone. In the next shot where she's like this, there are two girls peeking out from a hallway behind her. And in the shot after that, they get consecutively closer to her and are standing directly behind her in the hallway. What Heart Attack Played for Laughs, One&Only plays for seriously eerie stalked-by-the-ghost vibes.
    • Go Won can be seen standing still and observing her shadow, who dances to the beat of the song, even though she herself is standing still. Later, the two become steadily more in-sync.
    • When Go Won hides from Yves and Chuu, some of the scenes of her hiding are spooky, especially the one where a door opens slowly so that a crack of light falls on her eye in an otherwise blacked-out room. There are also creepy shots of their legs passing a table she hides under, serving up vibes of Go Won barely escaping their notice.
  • "Egoist": Olivia Hye, LOONA's 12th and final member, has a chaotic music video and song that is centered on her reaction to Yves abandoning and betraying her. The lyrics to the song are hopeful and about moving on, but the visuals of the music video make it seem like it's out of spite and unleashes imagery of how deep she's been hurt (such as her destroying and burning Yves' school uniform). It makes you wonder which direction BlockBerry Creative wants to take with this plotline, and how much Olivia Hye wants to get revenge.
    Singing In The Rain: For the sin of swallowing up all the stars in the sky/You have spread blue/We’re standing on top of this night/And this song is falling right now [...] For the sin of swallowing up the afternoon sun/I’m right here, so hot/Alone with you tonight (it rings out)
    Egoist: Hey, for the sin of swallowing you/You get bigger and bigger, beautiful you/You are me, now I’m you
  • "love4eva": For such a cheerful song, the music video centers on Yves, Chuu, and Go Won fleeing Eden (symbolized as a boarding school), leaving Olivia Hye behind. The scene where Olivia Hye tries to pursue them in the forest, only to get lost all alone and adopt her Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl look, is very creepy.
  • The teaser trailer for "One" starts off with Yves finding an apple in the manor, which is lit up in sunlight, all the while to the opera song "Das hiemleiche Lied." The scene cycles through Chuu and Go Won as each girl explores the manor. By the time the scene transitions to Olivia Hye, the room has gotten completely dark, and when she bites the apple, the music suddenly stops and the screen blacks out, leaving the caption "I don't need no Garden of Eden" (a lyric from "One&Only"). When the scene comes back, the music is replaced by sounds of a thunderstorm, and Yves, Chuu, and Go Won's reflections are seen in the mirror when Olivia Hye looks into it. The way the scene gets progressively darker by the time Olivia Hye appears and the music abruptly cutting off, signaling a change in tone, is pretty unsettling.
  • The "XIIX" teaser, wherein Go Won futilely chases HaSeul's yellow truck.
    • Failing to catch up, the next scene is of there being two Go Wons, one laying on the ground as the other walks away. Did she die and return as a ghost, leaving her body behind?
    • Go Won investigates the empty fuselage HaSeul visited in "Let Me In", and finds a single white feather...which she then crushes between her palms with a sound like ice breaking. Icelandic text follows, but the last word is unaccented. One accent would turn the phrase into "fly like birds". A different accent would change it to "fly like butterflies".
  • "So What" shows the culmination of Olivia's unnerving theme of fire: she sets the ODD world, the moon itself, alight. This is played realistically though: huge fireballs can be seen raining down out of the sky back on Earth. Has she caused an apocalypse?
    • "Why Not?" shows us the aftermath of these events. Heejin stands in front of a lightning storm and meteors exploding as they crash down to Earth, and several settings feel post-apocalyptic, like the grocery store looking trashed or cars sitting in the empty streets.
    • At one point, Olivia is shown to have gathered a group of unknown girls whose eyes glow red like hers did in "Egoist", and in one scene, Chuu is shown staring at the sun (or the burning moon; it's not clear which), which is a lot closer to the Earth than it should be, and something can be seen falling out of the sky in the distance.
    • During the bridge, the girls are shown to be dancing on the moon around a camp fire, almost like a cult performing some kind of ritual... except that the whole scene is in reverse.
  • "&" The intro to their latest album sounds like something straight of a horror movie. The atmosphere, together with the random, deep and high-pitched chants that preceed "PTT" makes you feel that after "So What" and "Why Not?" something has gone really wrong within the Loonaverse.