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Nightmare Fuel / inFAMOUS

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Despite coming from the developers of Sly Cooper, the series can be pretty horrifying at times.

  • To be truthful, the entire game, ambiance to enemy types, are absolutely grim and disturbing.
  • Cole. Especially Evil Cole. He is the most powerful being in the city, possibly even in the world, and he knows it.
  • The Blast. Press Start to Game Over, indeed.
  • The street gangsters, especially those with superpowers. Ranging from the faceless Reapers, to invisible shotgunners.
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  • Sasha. Not does she look like a mask-less Deadpool with tendrils, her upgrade to Ascended Extra provide enough creep without her aforementioned mooks.
  • Empire City in general. It seems that everybody has just given up, due to the massive amount of crime and lack of food.
  • Kessler. He knows Cole's every move. And that's not exaggerating. He knows how to break anybody.
  • The Jockey archetype associated with Dustmen and Reapers. With their hellish high pitch screams, coupled with with a One-Hit Kill, they alone warrant Button Mashing towards the nearest building.

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