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Nightmare Fuel / inFAMOUS

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Despite coming from the developers of Sly Cooper, the series can be pretty horrifying at times.

  • To be truthful, the entire game, ambiance to enemy types, are absolutely grim and disturbing. The city is being torn into thirds with one third ruled by gun-toting brainwashed junkies controlled by an insane Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Humanoid Abomination, another third controlled by an army of crazed and heavily armed homeless people run by a deranged old telekinetic, and a paramilitary superhuman group controlled by a mysterious superhuman terrorist controlling the final third. Caught in the middle are the average citizens who get slaughtered in droves by each of the three groups.
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  • Cole. Especially Evil Cole. He is the most powerful being in the city, possibly even in the world, and he knows it and it's up to the player if he becomes a savior or a deranged maniac that shoots lightning and kills people for fun.
  • The Blast. Press Start to Game Over, indeed. Worse is everyone blames you for the incident after the fact.
  • The street gangsters, especially those with superpowers. Ranging from the faceless Reapers, to invisible shotgunners.
  • Sasha. Not does she look like a mask-less Deadpool with tendrils, her upgrade to Ascended Extra provide enough creep without her aforementioned mooks.
  • The Dust Men are especially terrifying in that they're not brainwashed junkies or an elite secret group of killers, but an army of extremely pissed off and heavily armed homeless people who've decided to rise up and take over the city no matter how many they have to kill to do so. They even managed to have buses fitted with submachine guns to mow down people on the streets and have their own golems controlled by Conduits!
  • Empire City in general. It seems that everybody has just given up and reached the Despair Event Horizon, due to the massive amount of crime, lack of food, and the criminals who have been given free reign to rape, murder, and pillage as much as they want. Not to mention many have already died from the Ray Sphere being activated and the US Government has locked down the entire city with firing squads being placed to kill anyone who tries to escape due to a plague going on in the city as well. Even worse is according to Agent Moya, the president already signed off an order to have the city nuked and everyone left alive in its borders killed if the situation there gets worse and time is running out.
    • If you take the Evil Karma path, this city becomes even worse under Cole's reign of terror. The sky even turns blood-red and the city looks more ruined than ever at the end of the game.
  • Kessler. He knows Cole's every move. And that's not exaggerating. He knows how to break anybody, especially with him shown torturing both of the previous antagonists. Worse is how he put Cole through a Sadistic Choice to save his girlfriend or six doctors who are pretty much rare and crucial for medical aid to the remaining people of the city. Gets even more twisted when it's revealed Kessler is actually an evil version of Cole from a Bad Future, meaning Cole had to watch a version of himself orchestrate the death of his own Love Interest.
  • The suicide bombers used by the Reapers and the Dustmen. With their hellish high-pitched screams, coupled with the heavy damage they can inflict on you, they alone warrant frantic Button Mashing to climb up the nearest building.

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