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Nightmare Fuel / Ghost Stories

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  • The original invokes this (or attempts to) and builds its appeal around this. The ghosts of the later episodes are noticeably more menacing and scarier, to the point that some viewers are surprised that it's made for children. The Gag Dub, of course, isn't as scary as the original, but the character designs and paranormal vagaries are still present to unnerve the viewer.
  • Episode 4 Requiem of the Dead. Even the Gag Dub can't mitigate the creepiness of Für Elise playing on whatever is around you.
  • In episode 11, we have the Evil Phone sequence where Satsuki gets a call from a Creepy Doll. Once again, even the Gag Dub failed to make it less creepy (funnier yes, less creepy no). Special mention should also go to the scene in which Merry Mary is sitting on the roof of the school where the camera pans up to a close up of her staring directly into the camera and, by extension, directly into the viewer's eyes. This also means that her eyes will be following you around the room.
    • Merry Mary later summons a whole army of evil dolls that surround Satsuki, planning to playfully torture her. Then there's the song they sing about it:
    Satsuki's a goner
    This We Know
    Merry Mary tells us so
    Pluck out her eyeballs and her brains
    • They then morph into a shifting mass of darkness that traps Satsuki like a fly in a web, and settle for pulling out the girl's eyes.
    • The fact that even in the Gag Dub, Satsuki can barely scrounge up any quips or snarky comments. The poor girl is legitimately terrified and crying frequently, and who can blame her?

The 1997-1998 Fox Family Channel Series:

  • In the pilot episode "Cold In The Grave", a killer is greeted by the ghost haunting by attempting to grab him with a bloody frozen hand popping out through a refrigerator! Afterwards, he sees her every time someone opens a refrigerator door showing her corpse complete with a Scare Chord.

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