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Fridge Horror

  • Whatever happened to the one shot ghost victims we see during the prologue sequences, or sometimes in the middle of the episode? Sure we are told a few times that someone got sick or was too scared to say anything. But come to think of it, we never really SEE them again, and quite a few times, it seems VERY unlikely that the victim actually survived. Made even scarier by the fact that nobody seems to care too much. Lampshaded in the Dub with Hajime offhandedly saying Keita (the victim of the week) died and it not being brought up again.
    • Turns out not to be the case with Keita specifically. He's seen again in the finale along with a lot of other one shot characters, thus confirming his (at least in the original version) survival.
  • In Episode 13, once the Da Vinci ghost finishes a painting, the girl he paints is sucked into his painting forever. Amanojaku states outright that the victims never come back. Sure enough, we never see any of the half-a-dozen victims freed. Even the gag dub can't get around how insane a power that is.
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  • In Episode 11, Hajime does a Super Window Jump to save Satsuki from Merry Mary...after the doll has spared Satsuki's life and left. His head then starts bleeding because he crashed through glass. It's Played for Laughs...but if he had dove in a few minutes earlier, he would be bleeding profusely and powerless to stop the dolls from ripping his friend to shreds.


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