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Tear Jerker / Ghost Stories

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  • The backstory of the ghost taxi driver from episode 10. Even the Gag Dub can't get around how bullshit his tale is.
    Satsuki: "That's it? He's clean and then he gets hit by a truck? Where was God?"
  • The watchman's Heroic Sacrifice from episode 16.
    "Well, I figured I may as well since it was my fault in the first place, and I'm old and horny and don't make a lot of money."
  • And the episode where Keiichirou and Amanojyaku set off to the old hospital where Kayako died of illness.
    • The Gag Dub manages to make the reading of Kayako's letter both touching and hilarious at the same time.
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  • Amanojaku's Heroic Sacrifice and Satsuki's last stand in the English dub manages to combine this with Moment of Awesome, Heartwarming AND Funny.
    "It's one thing to mess with me, It's one thing to mess with my little brother and my friends...BUT DON'T FUCK WITH MY CAT!"

The 1997-1998 Fox Family Channel Series:


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