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Heartwarming / Ghost Stories

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Heartwarming moments from the anime, Ghost Stories.

  • The climax of episode 5. The spirit of the episode realizes that he can't go through with chopping off Keiichiro's feet and takes his scythe before disappearing.
  • Merry Mary deciding to let Satsuki live after she sees the handkerchief that Satsuki used earlier in the episode to clean a smudge off of her face.
  • After Amanojaku's Heroic Sacrifice, the group is shaken that Kaya basically died. Satsuki's answer, especially in the dub, shows that, as much of a Sociopathic Hero she is, she does care about her cat.
    Satsuki: It's one thing to mess with me. It's one thing to pick on my little brother and my friends. BUT DON'T FUCK WITH MY CAT!

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