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Nightmare Fuel / Ghost Talkers Daydream

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Being that Ghost Talkers Daydream is a series dealing with the investigation and exorcism of lingering spirits - be they suicide victims, or murder victims - it's to be expected that there'd be more than a few unsettling moments. While others are, well... you get the idea. That said, on with the highlights.

From Chapter 2

From Chapter 4

  • In one of the more mundane examples, a serial killer targeted women on their way home at night, by pretending to offer them a ride. One victim took him up on it, since he seemed like such a nice guy, 'til he drove her to a secluded area where he raped and beat her, before completely stripping her. After which, he bound her arms and legs and duct taped her mouth shut, before putting her in the trunk of his car. From there, he took her into the countryside, dragged her deep into the woods, and dumped her while he went back to his car to get a shovel and starts digging. All of which is shown from her perspective, right up the the moment he dragged her over to the grave he'd dug for her, dropped her in, and began to bury her alive.

From chapter 9

  • The double suicide at the beginning, between Mitsuru's younger sister-in-law and her friend. Fujiwaranote  and Ai find their bodies mere moments after they had each received a text from "Yuo", encouraging them to commit suicide as well.
  • The necromancy session in which Nia mocks Fujiwara for stealing the panties off her corpse so he could masturbate with them. Then calls him pathetic, since he was jacking off with her underwear, while their father was getting the real thing, and shows him the proof by letting him see all the hickies on her neck, her breasts, and her thighs.
  • Once the session is over and they bring Ai inside so she can rest, Detective Gada takes Fujiwara out behind his family's shrine and beats him for ruining it. Gada's tone and expression are completely devoid of anger. He's that detached from the pain he was inflicting on him.
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  • The dream sequence at end of the chapter, which shows Fujiwara lounging on the steps of the shrine. The pair of guardian statues transform into his dead sister-in-law and her friend, then run up to him on all fours and give him fellatio. Which is pretty bizzare in itself. The nightmare fuel kicks in when they bite his penis off, which pulls out his colon, then they begin to eat him alive. Fujiwara snaps awake and thinks it's over until he sees Hijiri's spirit lying in bed next to him, which prompts him to cut himself to snap out of it.
  • Finally, there's the last two panels that close out the chapter: Fujiwara's got dozens of photos of Misaki on the ceiling of his bedroom. If his sister-in-law's accusations are true, and the dream sequence are any indication of his frame of mind, Fujiwara's got some serious mental and emotional issues.

From Chapter 18


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