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Nightmare Fuel / End of Days

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.
  • Satan possessing his host early in the film. Imagine being in the poor guy's position: You're in the restroom, minding your own business as you wash your hands, when, all of a sudden, you get seized by an invisible force that violently thrashes you around before taking you over completely.
    • Towards the end of the film, his host's body is mangled beyond recognition, yet still functions so long as Satan controls him.
  • The threatening glare that Satan shoots his host's friend when he starts to protest the Dark Lord making out with his wife. The man promptly shuts up.
  • Christine's vision of the albino on the subway.
    • Not to mention her nightmare/vision of having sex with Satan. And before that, Satan is engaging in a threesome with Dr. Abel's wife and daughter who somehow merge to become Christine.
    • Worse, the whole threesome thing is taken straight from the Bible, which declares such a thing a major no-no. It perfectly demonstrates just how malicious Satan is towards God and anything godly.
  • Christine's entire situation, really. Chosen to be Satan's bride since birth, relentlessly pursued by devout Satanists, targeted by Knight Templars who want to kill her to thwart Satan's plan, and barely able to resist the charms of the Devil himself. Girl's got it hard, to say the least.
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  • Satan forcing Jericho to relive his family's murder, crossing over with Tear Jerker. The action alone is a marker of what kind of malevolent beast Satan truly is beneath that suave exterior.
  • Jericho being brutally beaten by Satanists and left crucified.
  • Satan's true form during the final battle in the church.
  • Satan possesses Jericho and attempts to rape Christine to fulfill his plan at the last possible minute. As he holds a struggling and begging Christine down on the altar, he looks up at Jesus and gleefully sneers "You died for nothing." Arnold Schwarzenegger has NEVER been that scary, not even as the Terminator.


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